A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 652

Ye Fan also smiled: “Yes, Mr. Zhou, we met again so soon.”
“It’s just that I haven’t seen him for a few days. I didn’t expect Mr. Zhou’s guts to grow stronger.”
“It seems that the lessons I have taught you before are not enough. You dare to come to Yunzhou? Do you dare to provoke me?”
“Damn, this idiot, in front of Zhou Sheng, did you dare to say this, was your head kicked by a donkey?” Lu Mingze on the side heard Ye Fan’s unceremonious words, his whole face was scared and cursed. .
In case Zhou Sheng is angered, I am afraid that he will have to be involved!
He really regretted now that he got on this thief car with Ye Fan.
Knowing this long ago, he was killed at the beginning, and he didn’t come to Ye Fan anymore!
Otherwise, how could you encounter such a mess?
Lu Mingze was just panicked. Facing Zhou Sheng, he took his daughter and hid by the side, not daring to speak at all.
Zhou Sheng was still calm, facing Ye Fan’s almost provocative voice, Zhou Sheng was not angry at all, but looked at Ye Fan, shook his head and smiled.
“I, Zhou Sheng, dare to come to Yunzhou, naturally I have to rely on it.” Remember to read for a second
“If I dare to provoke you, I naturally have my confidence.”
“But Master Ye, I have to say, in my life, Zhou Sheng, there are not many people I admire, but you are definitely one.”
“Because you surprised me too much.”
“You are a rural turtle and a door-to-door son-in-law. I used to think you were just a waste of money. But I didn’t expect that at a young age, you can not only look at rocks, but also see people’s hearts so thoroughly. My Zhou Sheng plans for many days, It’s meticulously laid out, I thought it would be perfect, but I didn’t expect it to fall into your hands.”
“Of course, this is one.”
“What surprised me even more was that you were able to escape in the revenge of my men. How many men did not even take you?”
“But bastard, that’s it!”
“Because of you, I have a hard time returning home!”
“Because of you, my foundation for decades has disappeared!”
“It’s also because of you. You made my Zhou Sheng’s career collapse and ruined.”
“Now, it’s time to repay everything you owe me.”
Zhou Sheng sneered, looking at Ye Fan, his words gradually became cold.
Until the end, the whole face was full of murderous opportunities. The eloquence of words was like ice.
“Boy, take a look at this world for the last time.”
“In the future, you will have no chance again.”
“After tonight, I will let you die here, exposing the corpse to the wilderness!!”
At the moment when Zhou Sheng’s words fell, a gust of wind swept across the world.
The cold wind swept everywhere like a sword.
“Really? Just rely, these chicken dogs?”
Ye Fan was still smiling, and on his delicate face, that radiant smile was still gentle.
Taishan collapsed in the front and the color remained unchanged, and the elk were thriving on the left without blinking.
Said, maybe it was Ye Fan here.
“Of course not!” Zhou Sheng replied in a deep voice.
The next moment, I saw Zhou Sheng’s face suddenly sharp. He stopped talking nonsense with Ye Fan. After speaking, he immediately turned around, bent over, and said respectfully to the Land Rover behind him: “Three young masters, the next thing, please!”
The voice of respect sounded quietly.
For a time, it was like a huge rock falling into the sea, setting off a monstrous wave.
Immediately afterwards, the dozens of subordinates behind Zhou Sheng all stepped forward, standing on both sides.
It was also like Zhou Sheng, bending over, facing the inside of the Land Rover, and drinking respectfully: “Please, Master Three!”
“Please, Third Young Master!”
“Please, Master Three~”
There were dozens of people present, bowing all together, respecting each other.
The voices of respect and the words of respect converge into a stream, like a surging river, and instantly sweep the world.
At that moment, the audience was shocked.
Everyone stared at Yan Jing, Lu Wenjing was full of panic, and Lu Mingze’s pupils shrank even more.
Difficult… Could it be that the third young master is here too? ! !

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