A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 657

Zhou Sheng is not stupid. From the beginning of seeing now, he has naturally seen that the thin young man in front of him is an existence he cannot afford to provoke.
Even people with a big background like Lei Aoting were so afraid of Ye Fan.
As for Zhou Sheng, but a dogleg under Lei Aoting, no matter how bold he was, he definitely did not dare to provoke Ye Fan again.
Now, facing the gaze that Ye Fan looked over, Zhou Sheng’s arrogance and majesty before Zhou Sheng was undoubtedly gone, and with a bang, he knelt down and begged Ye Fan for mercy.
However, in the face of Zhou Sheng’s panic, Ye Fan’s face was expressionless, and his indifferent eyes looked at it as if he was looking at an ant.
Under the moonlight, Ye Fan stood proudly and condescendingly.
Cold eyes, glanced at Zhou Sheng.
“Really? Now I know to beg for mercy?”
“Then where did your arrogance and majesty go?”
Ye Fan sneered, and the next moment, among everyone’s horrified eyes, he saw Ye Fan, his face suddenly cold.
He took a step forward, the sound of majesty, more like thunder, in this world, there was a crash, rolling by. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“Then I ask you, if I break your plan and cut off your money, can you accept it?”
“Fufufu, I will take it!” Zhou Sheng was full of panic, grabbing the ground with his head, and facing Ye Fanzhi’s drink, how dare to say half a word, and replied in panic.
Ye Fan’s eyes were cold, but he went one step further and yelled: “I will ask you again, I will ruin your foundation and your reputation. Can you accept it?”
“Serve, I really take it.” Zhou Sheng’s old face was pale, his body trembled, and the door slammed on the ground. Blood was already smashed into his face. When he asked Ye Fan again, Zhou Sheng was scared and replied in bitterness and horror. .
However, Ye Fan was still reluctant, every time he asked, Ye Fan took a step forward, and the momentum of his whole person also skyrocketed.
In the end, Ye Fan stood with his hands behind and drank again.
A pair of soles, stepping on the ground, brought a shocking echo.
He took another step angrily, raging with chills, and surging with power.
The majestic and domineering sound, like thunder, once again shakes the world!
“I will ask you last, I hurt your subordinates, damaged your majesty, and made you kneel to beg for mercy. Are you convincing?!”
“Serve, take, take, I take.”
“Master, Zhou Sheng, I am convinced~”
Under Ye Fan’s surging power, Zhou Sheng was completely confused.
1f1a4e1b Ye Fan drank three times in a row, the momentum was like a rainbow, and Zhou Sheng was almost astonished!
Lying on the ground like a dog, his tears flowed, his forehead slammed on the ground continuously, his face was full of blood.
Today’s Zhou Sheng, where there is the slightest majesty and arrogance when facing Ye Fan before, is completely a frightened dog.
There is no more offensive heart, and some, only monstrous fear and endless horror are left.
This time, Ye Fan was undoubtedly really frightened him. At this moment, Ye Fan no longer asked, but Zhou Sheng still cried and said “serve” with his forehead slammed.
It seemed that Zhou Sheng had seven souls on his body, at least he was scared away by Ye Fan this time!
Seeing the scene before him, everyone around was also panicked.
The big world is silent.
Before reprimanding Ye Fan for stupid aunts and uncles, at this moment, he is undoubtedly shutting his mouth completely.
Until now, everyone finally understood that Ye Fan, whom they looked down upon before, was the real boss!
The ancients said that the master is at ease with the people!
Now, Ye Fan has undoubtedly vividly interpreted the connotation of this sentence to everyone with naked reality.
It wasn’t until a long time later, in the silent world, that there were a series of air-conditioned voices, one after another among the crowd.
“Get out, get out of everything~”
“All idlers, etc., stay away!”
“Shall not hinder our work~”
Suddenly, outside the crowd, several police cars galloped in.

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