A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 658

It seems that the movement here has attracted the attention of the police.
Ren Han and others were fully armed and rushed in directly, surrounding everyone including Ye Fan and Zhou Sheng.
“you again?”
Seeing Ye Fan again, Ren Han’s whole body is not good.
Then the delicate and pretty face showed a bit of anger.
This Ye Fan is really immutable!
Gathering crowds twice to make trouble.
Really when she didn’t dare to arrest him?
“Ren…Ren team, yes… it’s that person.” Obviously, among the people present, it was not only Ren Han who recognized Ye Fan. One of them, even more frightened, reminded Ren Han.
The last time Ye Fan was arrested, all parties were attracted to find people. Not only Wu City came in person, but even the province called.
Their entire branch was almost given up, and the director was almost removed. Remember to read in one second
This lesson is not trivial!
Now that I see Ye Fan again, these people who have seen Ye Fan’s ability are naturally terrified and afraid.
“I’m not blind, and you don’t need to remind you, this bastard has turned into dregs, and I recognize it,” Ren Han said viciously.
The last time she was tricked into the car by Ye Fan, Ren Han gritted her teeth when she thought of this, and looked at Ye Fan’s gaze, naturally full of resentment.
A colleague next to him gave Ren Han a blank look.
Of course you know the team you want to play?
A few days ago, didn’t you still play with Mr. Chu, on the fair in the city, in the car?
However, this matter is only known to a few people.
After all, this is Ren Han’s private life, and of course they will not advertise to Ren Han everywhere.
But if Ren Han knew about this, he would probably be pissed off, and even kill Ye Fan.
After all, her entire life was ruined by the bastard Ye Fan!
“That team, what…what to do, still catch it?” another colleague asked in a low voice, obviously lacking confidence in that tone.
Ren Han suddenly
Stared: “Catch, why not catch!”
“I don’t care who he is, gather crowds to make trouble, and I can’t let any of them go!”
“Listen to my order, one team, do it immediately.”
“Catch the thief first, capture the king, first catch that bastard!”
Ren Han shouted angrily.
However, what is embarrassing is that the group of people behind him is shocked that no one dares to move.
Ren Han was mad at the time: “What are you doing?”
“Did you not hear me?”
Ren Han yelled angrily at the players behind him, his nose almost crooked.
“Um, for the team, that’s the hornet’s nest, I think we should stop stabbing. Isn’t the lesson learned from the last time enough?” The colleagues behind were bitter and whispered.
But Ren Han didn’t stop at all: “I care about it. If you commit a crime, you have to catch it. If you dare not go, I will go!”
Ren Han is also a staunch temper. After speaking, she really went up alone and asked Ye Fan to raise her hand.
“Stop it all!”
However, at this moment, another shout rang out of the crowd.
Immediately afterwards, everyone only saw a middle-aged man stepping out of the black Audi car, pushing away the crowd, and walking in directly.
Seeing this person, Ren Han and the other team members were suddenly shocked and quickly respectfully said: “Han City, why are you here?”
“Huh, won’t you let me go?”
“Indiscriminately arresting people, I think your police academy is also in vain.” Han Dongmin yelled at Ren Han.
After that, he put her aside, hurriedly walked to Ye Fan, and asked worriedly: “Master Ye, are you okay?”
“I rushed here when I got the news, but I didn’t expect to be late.”
“But that Zhou Sheng was really daunting. He attacked you twice?”
“But don’t worry, there will never be another next time. Tonight I will go to the province to report this matter and set up a special case team. I have to bring the desperate Zhou Sheng to justice!”
Han Dongmin said in a cold voice, it seemed that he was really angry!

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