A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 664

After all, Lei Aoting is Lei Lao San’s son after all. Of course he cannot ignore it.
What’s more, what their fifth brother said was right, even if he was really cruel, don’t want to be his own son. But Mr. Chu and the others are also afraid that they will be angry with him and the Lei family because of this.
This kind of thing, he had to deal with Lei San.
In a hurry, Laosan Lei didn’t have time to connect with Fengyan. Soon after receiving the call, he rushed to Yunzhou overnight.
At the same time, Lei San was worried about his son’s safety, so he called Li Er from Yunzhou and asked Li Er to go over and persuade Mr. Chu to order.
He was scared now, and couldn’t make it by himself, so Ye Fan slapped his son to death.
Lei San had seen Ye Fan’s methods.
At the beginning of Jianghai Shengtian Restaurant, Ye Fan hit the Thai boxing champion with a punch.
In the Taishan Martial Arts Association, Ye Fan shot Wu Herong the Scarlet Wolf King!
In front of such a god, Lei San estimated that his son could be pinched to death by Ye Fan at will.
When Li Er received the call, he had just finished taking a shower and was about to sleep with his arms around the woman. After learning about Lei San, Li Er was very happy. Remember to read in one second
“The third child, you have no way to be a godson.”
“Last time in Jianghai, didn’t your bear son offend Mr. Chu once?”
“This Teniang’s dog can’t change eating shit. It has only been a few days, has Mr. Chu provoked again?”
“Didn’t Mr. Chu remind you of the bear son the last time you drank? Let him be a calm person, a kind person, and a smile-heavy person. Why is this not a long memory? ”
“The third child, let me tell you that this number is out of practice, so let’s change it and practice again.”
“Anyway, you have a lot of women outside. You have a new son from the beginning. Throw this number out and leave it alone.” Li Er lay on the bed, holding the woman in his arms, but he said pleasantly.
On the other side of the phone, Lei Lao San was so angry that he wanted to shoot Li Er to death.
“Okay, stop talking nonsense!”
“Hurry over and say something nice for me. And my son, you must save it for me, at least until I reach Yunzhou.”
Lei San anxiously urged.
Li Er said, now that Lei Lao San personally called him, he also gave Lei Lao San the face and passed away after putting on his clothes.
When Li Er arrived, Lei Aoting knelt there with a dead fish face, and Li Er went up and slapped the past.
“Uncle Li, why are you hitting me?”
Lei Aoting was stunned.
This Li Er had no relationship with him, and Mr. Chu didn’t beat him, so why did he beat himself.
“Asshole, I’m still playing lightly. Wait, your dad arrives in a while, let’s see how he smokes you?”
“Do you dare to mess with things that don’t have eyes, Mr. Chu?”
“If you were my son, I would have to kill you today!”
Li Er scolded Lei Aoting, and then quickly walked in the direction of Ye Fan.
“Mr. Chu, are you okay?”
“I heard that the bastard of the Lei family provoked you, and he came over immediately after he lifted his pants. I am afraid that you will suffer, Mr. Chu.”
“The young man now has a high spirit, but he hasn’t cleaned up, and he’s much more honest after a fight.”
While talking, Li Er shifted Han Dongmin who was in front of him aside, and he stood beside Ye Fan.
Han Dongmin’s old face was black at the time.
I was actually ignored?
Isn’t he a dignified deputy mayor, in the eyes of Li Er, is he inferior to Ye Fan as a young boy?

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