A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 663

“Dad, I… I provoke Mr. Chu.”
“Mr. Chu let… let you lead me~”
On the other side of the phone, Lei Aoting’s cry of horror came.
When Lei Lao San heard it, his old face went white immediately.
All the gratification and joy at the previous family dinner are undoubtedly gone at this moment! Above the old face, there was only raging anger and panic.
“Naughty animal, evil animal~”
“Lao Tzu asked you to go to Yunzhou because he wanted you to visit Mr. Chu and cheat Mr. Chu, not for you to provoke Mr. Chu.”
“Your success is not enough to fail. Was Jiang Hai’s lesson last time not enough?”
“Who gave you the courage to offend Mr. Chu?”
“You bastard, you want to kill our Lei family~”
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“Why do you have the face to call me this call and the face to say this to me?”
“You beast, wait for you to die, my third son, Lei San, will not be your son~”
In the torrent of anger, Lei San slapped, immediately hung up the phone and cut off all Lei Aoting’s thoughts.
In the land of Yunzhou, Lei Aoting was full of panic and stood there desperately.
In the Lei family villa in Jingzhou, after Lei Lao San hung up, his mood was not calm for a long time, his old face was gloomy, and his heart was angry and frightened.
At the family banquet, the smiles of other people suddenly disappeared.
From the words of Lei Lao San just now, they almost understood the ins and outs of the matter.
Everyone didn’t speak, Lei San was angry now, who would dare to speak at this time.
In the end, it was the fifth brother of Lei San, who whispered from the side: “Second brother, I think you should go and bring Ao Ting back?”
“Aoting, after all, is the eldest son of the next generation of our Lei family. Do you really have the heart to watch your son and die in a different place?”
“Son? He is not my son! He is also worthy of the son of Lei’s family. He is also worthy of this wicked animal? Back then, when he made his own claim to marry a woman from the dust, I already shamed my Lei family’s old face. Mr. Chu?”
“Last time I was in Jianghai, this beast caused me a trouble.”
“Later, I urged him to keep a low profile in the future, to be more calm, to be less provocative, and to pretend less. But this beast, it has only been a few days, and he has provoke me to Mr. Chu again.”
“That’s Jiangdong’s God, how dare he provoke him?”
Lei Laosan was almost mad to death, only felt that his entire chest was going to be blown up with anger.
If Lei Aoting was the first offender, he would just pretend that he didn’t know what Ye Fan could do. The key is that this is the second time, and the death will not change. How can Lei San be not angry?
“Third brother, get angry, you really can’t ignore this matter.”
“Even if you don’t admit that Ao Ting is your son, but Mr. Chu knows. At that time, if this matter is not handled well, it will inevitably involve you and our Lei family.”
“Now Mr. Chu is in full swing, with no one’s prestige and power.”
“This kind of person, our Lei family must never offend.”
“Brother, think twice~”
At the family banquet, many people from Lei’s family all persuaded Lei San to explain the pros and cons of gains and losses.
After a long period of anger, Lei Lao San undoubtedly calmed down.
In the end, he got in the car to Yunzhou and rushed there overnight.

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