A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 671

“Right, have you written the invitation yet.”
“Find a time and send it to the Qiu family.”
“Also makes our grandpa happy.”
Ye Fan turned the subject away and chatted with Qiu Mucheng about the company.
Qiu Mucheng nodded: “It’s almost there. I’ll be sent over tonight.”
“It’s just that, I guess my grandfather will not be happy after seeing it.”
Qiu Mucheng whispered, with an inexplicable emotion in her words.
Before that, Qiu Mucheng hadn’t imagined that one day she would go to where she is now with the Qiu family.
However, Qiu Mucheng could feel that, in fact, Father Qiu had been waiting for her to admit her mistake and bow her head, and waited for her to apologize and subdue her to Qiu’s home.
After all, whether Yu Qiu Mucheng or Yu Qiu is concerned, they are always blood relatives, and the broken bones are connected to the tendons.
However, people live in a breath. First URL m.
In the Qiu family, Qiu Mucheng suffered so many unfair treatments. With Qiu Mucheng’s stubborn and arrogant temperament, how could she bow her head and subdue e9911921?
Moreover, more than that, Qiu Mucheng had to make some achievements to make the Qiu Family regret it, and also make Elder Qiu realize that it was Qiu Family that was wrong, not her Qiu Mucheng.
After eating breakfast, Qiu Mucheng also went to work.
The opening ceremony is just around the corner. As the boss of the company, Qiu Mucheng is naturally busy with some things.
The most important thing is to send the invitation letter first.
The autumn house.
Since Qiu Muying messed up the exhibition and angered Wang Xingduo, the approval of their Qiushui real estate was undoubtedly completely useless.
Although later Father Qiu, Qiu Guang and others tried to contact Wang Xingduo, and even on the night of the accident, Father Qiu brought a heavy gift to the house to apologize, but the result was naturally dusty, and the things were thrown away by Wang Xingduo and his wife. Out.
After all, the Qiu family made him embarrassed one after another. First, they gave his wife a stolen hosta, and then gave him a fake painting to be exhibited at the exhibition. They made Wang Xingduo make a fool of himself twice, and his face was discouraged. One can imagine how angry Wang Xingduo was at that time?
He even suspected that the Qiu family had deliberately punished him.
In this case, the Qiushui real estate project is undoubtedly yellow, and Father Qiu has no choice but to temporarily put the matter of establishing a real estate company on hold. When Wang Xingduo’s anger is gone in the future, he will find a way to continue the approval.
However, this time was undoubtedly delayed, and a lot of money was lost.
The employees originally recruited by this real estate company were also disbanded.
This setback, it can be said that the Qiu family lost a lot of money.
If it were not for the cooperation project with the Red Flag Group, the Qiu family had accumulated a lot of savings, otherwise the setbacks alone would make Qiu family bankrupt.
These days, the old man is undoubtedly very depressed because of this incident.
It was already close to success, but who would have thought that in the end it was screwed up by Qiu Muying and his wife. At that time, Mr. Qiu was almost annoyed. That night, the father of Qiu removed Qiu Muying from all positions in the Qiu family, and even the cooperation with the Hongqi Group was not let Qiu Muying be responsible.
It can be seen from this that how angry Old Man Qiu is?
However, the removal of Qiu Muying only lasted a few days.
Three days later, Qiu Guang invited Qiu Muying again to let her continue to be responsible for the cooperation with the Red Flag Group.

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