A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 672

This is also impossible. The project manager of the Hongqi Group is Chu Wenfei’s cousin. On the night of Qiu Muying’s dismissal, the Hongqi Group directly spoke, saying that he would only talk to Qiu Muying, and everyone else. ignore. If not, Hongqi Group will immediately withdraw its capital and tear up all contracts.
The Hongqi Group’s statement undoubtedly scared the Qiu family. Now that all the industries of the Qiu family depend on cooperation with the Hongqi Group, they naturally attach great importance to their statements, so Qiu Muying was invited back within a few days.
In addition, Qiu Muying would coax people, apologize and apologize to the old man Qiu, and put his attitude very low, which undoubtedly gave him enough face.
Under this circumstance, Father Qiu naturally did not punish Qiu Muying any more, and asked her to fine herself three cups and continue to be responsible for her previous work.
At this time, in the old house of the Qiu family, the old man Qiu was sitting in the courtyard, drinking tea depressed.
Seeing this, Jiang Hong, the second wife’s daughter-in-law, immediately comforted: “Old man, are you still thinking about the Qiushui property?”
“It’s all over, don’t think about it.”
“Real estate requires big capital and background. It is not something we can open as a small Qiu family.”
“That Qiu Mucheng, didn’t it happen?”
“Yingying told me that the painting that Ye Fan’s uselessness revealed at the time was a fake. I guess that Director Wang hated Ye Fan’s family too, and Qiu Mucheng’s company thought about approving it, but there was no hope. ”
“So, if you say that, we can’t actually blame Yingying. This matter is the ghost of Ye Fan. If it weren’t for him, Yingying’s painting would not be exposed, and Director Wang would never have us so big. The air.” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“Even, I suspect that Qiu Mucheng instigated everything behind the scenes.”
“Their company can’t do it, so they don’t want us to do it.”
“This dead Nizi is really a snake-hearted. When he is cruel, the six relatives don’t recognize it!”
Jiang Hong was still talking bad things about Qiu Mucheng here.
Father Qiu undoubtedly became more angry as he listened: “Okay, let’s just say a few words, no one will treat you as dumb if you don’t speak.”
However, just as the old man Qiu was talking, someone sent in an invitation outside the old house.
When Old Man Qiu, Jiang Hong and others saw it, they were suddenly shocked.
“November 11, the opening ceremony?”
“Mufan Real Estate? Could it be that Qiu Mucheng’s real estate company?”
The moment he saw this invitation, Jiang Hong’s eyes widened, and Old Man Qiu’s face also trembled immediately.
“This… how is this possible?”
“Could it be that she approved it?”
“But how could this happen?”
“Then Wang Xingduo is an idiot? Ye Fan made him face scandal, and he returned Mufan’s real estate for approval?”
Jiang Hong cursed, but it was always unbelievable.
And the face of Old Man Qiu on the side was even more ugly.
His Qiushui property has turned yellow, but Qiu Mucheng’s Mufan property has been opened. The invitation in front of him was undoubtedly like a slap, slammed on the faces of the Qiu family.
How could Mr. Qiu be in a good mood?
At that time, the old man Qiu’s face turned red, and he snorted angrily, and threw the invitation directly on the ground, his anger rushed away!
That night, Father Qiu gathered the Qiu family together and held a family meeting.
Seeing the old man’s iron-green face, many people’s complexions changed slightly, thinking about who it was that provoke him again.

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