A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 677

“Why do you talk so much?”
“Don’t let you take the money, what do you feel bad about?”
“I buy clothes, so you can listen at ease.”
Qiu Mucheng glared at Ye Fan, and after she told Ye Fan to shut up, she took Ye Fan to stroll around the pedestrian street. ,
This area is a high-end commercial area, surrounded by some famous brand specialty stores. Undoubtedly, there are a lot of clothes and accessories, which makes people overwhelming. If you are shopping in Yunzhou, wealthy ladies will come here.
Qiu Mucheng whispered Ye Fan to several stores, buying new ones for Ye Fan from top to bottom.
“This won’t work, it’s too fat.”
“Try wearing this again.”
“Well, it still doesn’t work. The pink shirt table is too frivolous and not stable enough.”
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“Try this one again~”
In the clothing store, Qiu Mucheng kept helping Ye Fan choose clothes. Whenever she saw something she liked, Qiu Mucheng would show it to Ye Fan and let him try.
“please do not?”
“I’m not used to wearing this kind of clothes.” Ye Fan suddenly smiled bitterly when Qiu Mucheng brought a dark red shirt.
This color, this style, is too shameless. It simply doesn’t meet Ye Fan’s low-key quality.
“Let you wear it~”
“I will buy you clothes, you have no say.”
“I said that it looks good, you are not allowed to protest!”
“Protest is also invalid~”
Facing Ye Fan’s words, Qiu Mucheng ordered to Ye Fan in the tone of a domineering president.
Ye Fan shook his head and smiled bitterly.
Forget it, just wear it.
Anyway, buying clothes is for my wife to see. As long as my wife likes it, the clothes will not lose money.
In this way, Ye Fan became a fitting model for Qiu Mucheng for a while.
Qiu Mucheng selected the clothes one by one and asked Ye Fan to try them on.
Of course, most of them will be dropped by Qiu Mucheng’s ruthless PASS.
Accompanying a woman is a terrible job, even if it is buying clothes for himself, Ye Fan feels it is a torment.
After these few hours, this pedestrian street has been around for almost a lap, but Qiu Mucheng didn’t find one she liked.
However, let’s talk about it, it’s the first time that Qiu Mucheng has bought clothes for herself. When she tried on clothes just now, when she saw Qiu Mucheng help her to arrange the collar, Ye Fan felt a warm current in her heart. Flowing slowly.
Perhaps that is warmth and happiness.
Finally, when a pedestrian walked down, Qiu Mucheng chose Ye Fan a purple shirt, a dark blue suit jacket, and a pair of cowhide shoes.
Tens of thousands were spent all at once, and when Qiu Mucheng paid the money, Ye Fan only saw the eyes of some people around her.
Soaking in beautiful women is not considered a skill, and those who are willing to spend money on themselves are so good!
At the cash register, the men who had been slaughtered by their wives saw the scene in front of them and immediately envied them.
Some people even gave Ye Fan a thumbs up secretly.
“Brother, awesome!”
“With such a beautiful wife, the key is that such a wife is willing to spend money on herself?”
“Ma De, you really envy you!”
“It’s like me, marrying a yellow-faced woman, but also the prodigal of a special mother~”
Next to him, there was a young man with yellow hair carrying a big bag, his eyes were red with envy when he looked at Ye Fan.

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