A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 676

“You have slept with me for so long, do you want to be a prostitute, not planning to marry me?” Qiu Muying questioned Chu Wenfei angrily like a shrew.
Facing Qiu Muying’s questioning, Chu Wenfei felt distressed and full of bitterness.
Doesn’t he want to take Qiu Muying to see his parents?
He wants it too!
But the point is that his parents would not accept this daughter-in-law at all.
Until now, Chu Wenfei still remembers that on the day he was engaged to Qiu Muying, his father’s angry words said that Qiu Muying was a famous money worshiper in Yunzhou, and that if he married her, he would not have his own son.
Anyway, for so long, Chu Wenfei has never dared to make a phone call with his father, and he has not even dared to return to his house, at most he has contacted his mother.
As for the parents, Chu Wenfei was actually embarrassed in the middle. Now Qiu Muying once again mentioned that he wanted to see his parents. Chu Wenfei knew that it would be difficult to fool around this time, so she could only say that she should try her best to make an appointment. Try it.
“Yingying, don’t think too much about it. In fact, my parents are quite satisfied with you.”
“The reason why I don’t want to meet you is just because I was angry about the last time.”
“You forgot, the last time we had a meal at the Cloud View Hotel, we spent millions all at once, and we were also detained by the police. In the end, my parents paid for us to fish out.” Remember for a second. Read the book
“Can they not be angry when you say this?” Chu Wenfei enlightened.
When Qiu Muying heard it, she was immediately unhappy: “Isn’t it a few million? Isn’t your father a billionaire? He’s so stingy. This little money makes us angry.”
“Yingying, this is not a matter of money at all, it is a matter of face. Of course my dad doesn’t care about that little money, but we have lost people to him. My dad has the best face. You and I are his sons. Of course he is angry when his daughter-in-law doesn’t give him a face and loses him.”
“My 31d02c82 is not in a hurry to let you meet. I just want to wait until my parents’ anger is gone.”
“Since you want to see you now, then I’ll call my mother to make an appointment soon, do you think it’s okay?” Chu Wenfei couldn’t help but persuade Qiu Muying.
But because it was too late, Chu Wenfei didn’t make this call after all, fearing to disturb his parents’ rest, so he contacted his mother the next morning.
Chu Wenfei tried to persuade his mother.
In the end, Chu Wenfei’s mother Zhang Li promised to see this Qiu Muying tonight.
As a mother, she was naturally curious as to what kind of woman Qiu Muying was, and she was so obsessed with her son that she didn’t even listen to her parents.
One day passed quickly.
Today Qiu Mucheng got off work very early, and specifically called Ye Fan to pick her up.
A few days later, it was the opening ceremony of Mu Fan Real Estate. Qiu Mucheng planned to buy Ye Fan clothes, while also watching her parents buy one.
After all, during the opening ceremony that day, Han Li and his wife would probably join in the fun. As the parents of the boss, this image is undoubtedly very important, and Qiu Mucheng naturally pays special attention to it.
“Mucheng, the clothes here are so expensive, are you really buying them here?”
“Are you not afraid to spend all your wages?”
At this time, Ye Fan and Qiu Mucheng were walking on a bustling pedestrian street. This area is a high-end commercial area, and most people here only have a look. After all, the price of thousands or even tens of thousands is enough to give up to 90% of the people.

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