A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 68

Although Wang Qiaoyu didn’t name his name, everyone present clearly knew who they were talking about.
“Yeah. I didn’t let them come, and they followed me with a faceless face. Now they eat my husband’s food, drink my husband’s food, soak in my husband’s light, don’t take a dime, don’t say anything, but also a pair of two to eighty thousand This kind of person deserves a lifetime of futility.”
At this time, Chu Wen flew out to go to the bathroom, and Qiu Muying’s mother and daughter were idle, but they laughed coldly.
Qiu Mucheng’s face became paler, as if sitting on pins and needles.
Ye Fan frowned immediately.
With a snap, the tea cup was placed on the table, Ye Fan immediately raised his head and said coldly, “Are you looking for the difference?”
“Fuck, still anxious?”
“How dare we, you are so awesome, the famous door-to-door son-in-law of Yunzhou City, thousands of men may not be able to find a door-to-door son-in-law like you? How can my sister dare to provoke you Huh?” Qiu Muying retorted, but it caused everyone to laugh.
Ye Fan frowned deeper, and just about to get up, Qiu Mucheng stopped him and shook her head at him.
If this situation continues, not only will the dignity not be recovered, but it will only make the couple more embarrassed.
At the time of ff8b7f4b, the hotel door was pushed open, and there was a rush of footsteps. A middle-aged man was surrounded by bodyguards and walked in. First URL m.
The man’s atrium was full, with a long-standing majesty on him. Beside him, Shen Fei, who had always been unruly, also respectfully walked forward like a child.
This man, not someone else, is indeed the belated head of the Shen family, Shen Jiuyi.
After Shen Jiuyi appeared, he did not arrive at the dinner table, but walked to a high platform in front of the dinner table. He stood there, looking at the direction of Ye Fan and others: “Mr. Chu, Mrs. Chu made you wait a long time. Today is a bit It’s delayed, it’s late, please forgive me.”
“Today, I Shen, gave this banquet for one purpose, and that was to apologize to Mr. Chu and Mrs. Chu. Before, I was the one who taught my son and offended Mrs. Chu, and finally made Mr. Chu furious. I Really Sorry.”
“Here, I bring my dog ​​and bow and apologize to Mr. Chu and Mrs. Chu.”
After the words fell, Shen Jiuyi and Shen Fei and his son were full of apologies, and bowed in public to show their apologies.
“Yingying, what’s the matter? When did you make Shen Fei offend?” Everyone in the Qiu family heard it in the mist, and looked at Qiu Muying in confusion.
Qiu Muying was a little dazed. She didn’t remember that Shen Fei had offended herself, but Qiu Muying still smiled and replied: “It may be that I accidentally stepped on my foot before. It’s not a major event, I have forgotten it. ”
When everyone in the Qiu family heard this, they all turned their eyes.
This is so awesome!
If he accidentally stepped on his foot and apologized for such a big occasion, Chu Wenfei’s face would be too great.
“Finally, I apologize for Shen Jiuyi, and hereby present a pair of ancient paintings to Mr. Chu, and I also ask Mr. Chu not to dislike it and accept it.”
Shen Jiuyi’s posture was very low, and then he carefully opened a wooden box in front of him, took out a painting from it, and slowly unfolded it in front of everyone.
I saw that the painting depicts the scene of late autumn dusk in the middle of the mountains and rivers. The artistic conception of the picture is sparse, the composition is full, the layout is sparse and compact, and the layout is dense. Just looking at it, you know that this painting is of great value.
“This… Is this the “Songxi Visiting Yin”? One of the four great talents of the Ming Dynasty, Tang Bohu’s original work?”
“It is said that this painting appeared at an auction in Jianghai City, the capital of Jiangdong Province, three years ago. It was finally bought by a mysterious buyer for a astronomical price of 20 million yuan. It broke the record at that time and shocked the entire Jiangdong collection world!”
“Could it be that the mysterious buyer who took this picture is Mr. Shen failed?”
Qiu Guang doesn’t have many hobbies, but collecting is definitely one of them.
The moment he saw this painting, Qiu Guang called out in surprise, his old face flushed with excitement.

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