A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 688

Shen Meng was speechless, and at this moment the two strange things Chu Wenfei and Qiu Muying were torturing him almost crying.
I wonder where are these two idiots?
Had it not been for Mr. Chu to be here, Shen Meng would have slapped him directly.
However, who would have thought that before Shen Meng’s eager eyes, Qiu Muying was the first to rush, and looked at Shen Meng like a wicked pen: “I said, Manager Shen, are you short-sighted? Give you money, don’t you still want money? ?”
“Things worth a million, if someone breaks it, you need two hundred, and your brain kicked by a donkey?”
Qiu Muying said angrily.
Shen Meng was also a little displeased with Qiu Muying’s unceremonious words: “Miss, who told you that this vase is worth millions?”
“This is ignorant of conscience, and I Shen Meng don’t do this ignorant of conscience.”
“This vase is worth two hundred, of course I will let the family pay two hundred.”
Qiu Muying was stunned when she heard this: “It’s worth two hundred? Didn’t you say that it is cloisonne from the Republic of China?” Remember to read a book for one second
“Yes, but the imitations are of course worthless. I bought them for two hundred yuan.” Shen Meng said lightly, and Qiu Muying suddenly became speechless.
But what he said made the staff in the store puzzled.
The young shopping guide who was slapped by Shen Meng just now couldn’t help but wonder, and then asked: “The manager, it can’t be an imitation? You said in the morning that the four we put in the store Are the large vases worth millions of antiques? Before, there was an antique dealer who offered eight million to buy these four vases. How could this be a fake? You are not confused?”
This shopping guide was puzzled. She had only heard that the fake was said to be true and it was the first time that she lost money by saying that it was a fake.
As soon as the shopping guide finished speaking, Shen Meng slapped the slap again, and cried the shopping guide directly.
“Asshole thing, you are the store manager and I am the store manager?”
“I don’t know if this vase is real or not?”
“Where is so much nonsense?”
“It’s still eight million, do you dare to blow it? I clearly said eight hundred yuan.”
“Don’t you talk about being deaf, still talking nonsense?”
Shen Meng scolded, but the shop assistants around were so scared that they all closed their mouths and dared not say a word.
“Four vases, only 800 yuan?”
“Is it true?”
Qiu Muying was obviously a little disappointed. I thought that this time Qiu Mucheng would bankrupt her family, but she didn’t expect that after a long time, the vases displayed in this store were all fake?
“I thought it was a high-end store. It seems that it’s nothing more than that. Taking a few hundred yuan worth of fakes to install antiques here is really a drop in price.”
Qiu Muying cursed, she only felt disappointed, and then she didn’t have any interest in strolling here anymore, turned her head and took Chu Wen away.
“Husband, let’s go, what kind of broken shop is this? Never come again.”
“What a disappointment fdaaf580!”
The good show wasn’t considered, Qiu Muying was in a bad mood, of course, she cursed coldly, and soon the couple left.
But after Qiu Muying and his wife left, Ye Fan asked Shen Meng again: “Manager Shen, is this vase really fake? Really only make us pay two hundred yuan?”
“Now, I can give you a chance to regret.”
Seeing Ye Fan’s inexplicable smile, Shen Meng trembled, only thinking that Ye Fan was testing him.

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