A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 689

“False, it must be false,”
“I’m not stupid, so naturally I won’t call the real thing a fake, don’t you?” Shen Meng smiled flatly.
The person in front of him, even their chairman, was very fond of him. He gave away a painting of Tang Bohu worth tens of millions as soon as he gave it away. Compared with that, what is the vase before him?
Therefore, of course, Shen Meng didn’t dare to really make Ye Fan and the others lose money. He just collected two hundred yuan symbolically, which was regarded as a gift to Mr. Chu.
Ye Fan listened, nodded suddenly, stretched out his hand and patted Shen Meng’s shoulder three times: “Well, it’s still Manager Shen who can be a man.”
“Ha, ha ha, ha ha ha~”
Shen Meng laughed suddenly, being so appreciated by Ye Fan, Shen Meng was undoubtedly flattered.
“Okay, don’t panic? Fortunately, this vase is fake, or else our family is going to lose money this time. Let’s go home soon.” Although it was a false alarm, Qiu Mucheng’s pretty face still had some Pale, shocked.
She thinks she should not come to such high-end places in the future.
This experience undoubtedly made Qiu Mucheng clearly feel the gap between herself and the upper class.
One million compensation may be just a common thing for Ivanhoe Door. But for their family, it was enough to ruin the family. First URL m.
Perhaps this is what my best friend said, the gap between circles.
Fortunately, this one is fake today. Otherwise, Qiu Mucheng really doesn’t know how to pay it?
“Don’t, go shopping again.”
“My wife, you have a lot of opportunities, and now it’s hard to come out with me, so naturally I have to play for a while.”
“This daughter is very big country, let’s go there and take a look.”
Ye Fan didn’t worry about going back, and took Qiu Mucheng to another exhibition hall in “The Land of Daughters”. This time, Shen Meng personally accompanied him and dedicated himself as a shopping guide for Ye Fan and his wife.
Shen Meng’s enthusiasm and friendliness quickly faded the panic in Qiu Mucheng’s heart. In the end, she no longer had any psychological burden, and she happily strolled in this store.
Since “The Kingdom of Daughters” is known as the kingdom of women, the contents in it naturally have a fatal attraction to women like Qiu Mucheng. Although the high price makes Qiu Mucheng dare not expect it, a close encounter is enough Mucheng felt satisfied and happy.
However, it didn’t take long for the Qiu Muying and his wife to appear here again outside of “Nu Muying”.
Between them, there was a beautiful woman standing.
The woman was wearing a long black dress and her hair was a little curly. Although she was middle-aged, she still had the charm. There is a kind of aristocratic temperament on the white face. This temperament cannot be cultivated in a year or two. Only the ladies who have lived in the family of scholars since childhood can have such a restraint and charm.
Yes, this person is naturally Chu Wenfei’s mother, Zhang Li.
It’s been a while since Zhang Li came here, and after dinner with Chu Wenfei and the others, on Qiu Muying’s suggestion, they went out shopping together.
But this evening, after seeing Qiu Muying’s daughter-in-law, Zhang Li was obviously not very interested, not happy, not unhappy.
In short, so far, Qiu Muying has given her a mediocre feeling, with no bright spots.
Perhaps this Qiu Muying could be regarded as a superior talent, but Zhang Li still felt that Qiu Muying was not worthy of her son.
But after all, she was the woman her son liked, and Zhang Li planned that if her son was really determined to spend a lifetime with Qiu Muying, she would not object.

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