A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 693

“Manager Shen, I’m so sorry.”
“I accidentally ran into the vase in your shop.”
“You can tell me the price, I will compensate you at full price.”
Zhang Li obviously knew the manager of this store, and after seeing Shen Meng’s arrival, she said apologetically and offered to compensate for the original price.
“It turned out to be Ms. Zhang.”
“In that case, pay 600,000 yuan. This blue and white porcelain was from the end of the Qing Dynasty. Although it is not a royal treasure, it was bought by our shop for 800,000 yuan. However, Ms. Zhang is a regular customer in our shop. Give you a discount.”
Seeing Zhang Li, Shen Meng felt angry, but it was not easy to break out. He had to sigh and accept the cruel reality in front of him.
Zhang Li was also very bold. Shen Meng said that six hundred thousand would be six hundred thousand. He didn’t say too much, and then he had to pay for the card from the bag.
Although six hundred thousand yuan is quite a lot, it is obvious to Zhang Li that it is nothing more than her one month’s salary.
However, when Zhang Li was about to lose money with the card, Qiu Muying stopped it.
“Yingying, what are you doing? We broke other people’s things and deserve compensation.” Zhang Li suddenly puzzled. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Qiu Muying smiled and said, “Mom, I didn’t say that I shouldn’t pay, but we can’t be taken advantage of.”
“I have said, you don’t care about this matter. As your daughter-in-law, I will help you settle it.”
“Just watch it.”
“But…” Zhang Li was a little worried, and wanted to say something, but was stopped by Chu Wenfei.
“Mom, Yingying shows her filial piety, so you can give her a chance. Next, you will watch here and see how your future daughter-in-law will behave.” Chu Wenfei also smiled faintly.
After comforting Zhang Li, Qiu Muying immediately looked at Shen Meng: “Manager Shen, we meet again.”
“This is my mother-in-law and Mr. Chu’s mother. The vase she accidentally knocked down just now gives us a face. I think it’s fine.”
“It’s only a few hundred dollars, and it’s not worth anything.”
Qiu Muying said lightly.
“Well, your mother-in-law?”
“So, are you also a relative of Mr. Chu?” Shen Meng was stunned when he heard Qiu Muying’s words, and he looked at Ye Fan behind him with some hesitation.
Obviously, Shen Meng didn’t know what to do.
Although Zhang Li’s relative is a bit far away, she can eventually get involved with Mr. Chu. If she loses money, Shen Meng is worried that Mr. Chu will be unhappy.
However, if you don’t compensate, plus the shattered cloisonne from the previous one, you have lost more than one million inside and outside. Even if it is Shen Meng, it will be painful!
Therefore, in embarrassment, Shen Meng had to look at Ye Fan, wanting to see Ye Fan’s attitude.
Seeing this, Ye Fan suddenly chuckled. He ignored Shen Meng, but looked up at Qiu Muying ahead, just like when Qiu Muying and his wife ridiculed Mucheng before, Ye Fan smiled mockingly at this time: “Mrs. Chu, didn’t you pay back just now? Call yourself a rich lady, do you call yourself a big shot?”
“Why, now I’m reluctant to give up a vase?”
“It seems that your so-called rich wife is not worthy of the name.”
“If you can’t get the money, tell your third sister, we can lend you some. If you really don’t want to borrow, then it’s okay to use the house to pay.”
Didn’t expect to be laughed at by a hillbilly?
At that time, Qiu Muying was undoubtedly angry, looking at Ye Fan with a cold voice 81728954 and smiling: “I can’t afford it?”

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