A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 694

“I can’t pay?”
“What a joke!”
“Do you really think that Miss Ben is just like you guys and poor people?”
“Any thing on my body is ten times more precious than these tattered vases?”
“What I said just now was just to give Manager Shen a chance to flatter us.”
“Oh, you are a waste, really think that Miss Ben can’t afford a vase?”
“I’m telling you, don’t say one, two or ten, this lady can afford to pay!”
Qiu Muying smiled disdainfully, as if to prove that he was rich in money. After speaking, Qiu Muying kicked the vase next to him with a bang.
There was a bang.
The vase was broken, and what was broken together, there was Shen Meng’s heart.
“Asshole, do you dare?” Remember to read for a second
At that time, Shen Meng’s eyes stared out.
He never expected that Qiu Muying would break another vase of him.
In this short night, there were four treasures in a town scene in their store, and there was only the last one left.
“You…you…how courageous?”
“This is from the Ming Dynasty. It can be worth 1.8 million. You dare to fight?”
Shen Meng roared, his eyes red.
Zhang Li was also shocked. After seeing Qiu Muying smashing another vase on purpose, she suddenly anxiously said, “Yingying, are you crazy?”
“what are you doing?”
Qiu Muying still didn’t care, she took Zhang Li’s hand and smiled and calmed down: “Mom, it’s okay. You won’t really believe what Mr. Shen said, do you really think it is a Ming Dynasty antique?”
“Manager Shen is joking with us.?”
“These vases look exquisite, but they are just fakes imitated by modern craftsmanship. Four are only 800 yuan.”
“You don’t believe me, I will break another one for you?”
Between chuckles, Qiu Muying kicked over again.
Shen Meng shouted immediately, but it was too late.
The last vase fell to the ground in an instant and then shattered.
The crisp sound is so sweet.
At that time, Shen Meng’s whole person was going crazy, looking at the mess on the ground, his eyes were flushed with blood. Almost kneeling on the floor, holding the debris all over the floor, blood was dripping in his heart.
And Qiu Muying was kicking over two vases one after another, pretending to be two, she seemed very happy.
At this time, he even raised his pretty face and looked at Ye Fan arrogantly: “Hillboy, how?”
“I really think that Miss Ben, like you, is a poor one, not willing to take a few hundred dollars?”
“I really hit your dog in the face today!”
“This lady will use the facts to tell you that I will not only pay for one, but also three at a time.”
“Yes, my family is so rich and so proud?”
“Your family is so poor, you can only stare and envy you!”
Qiu Muying was obviously trying to deliberately anger Ye Fan and Qiu Mucheng. At this time, she was showing off at them in a victorious posture.
Seeing Qiu Muying’s arrogant appearance, Qiu Mucheng was almost to death at the time. I didn’t have any interest in staying for a while, turned his head and left: “Ye Fan, let’s go!”
“Isn’t there a few bad money, what are you proud of?”
“Sooner or later, I Qiu Mucheng will make more money, and I will rely on myself!”
“I’m so mad~”
Qiu Mucheng is a arrogant person. Now that Qiu Muying mocks and ridicules so many people, one can imagine how angry she is.
But Ye Fan grabbed her: “Mucheng, don’t go in a hurry?”
“Great show, it’s about to begin.”
Ye Fan smiled faintly. Looking at the fragments in front of him, and the bloody Shen Meng, the corner of Ye Fan’s mouth showed a sly arc at this moment.
That smile, no matter how you look at it, feels a bit ill-intentioned and gloating.

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