A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 698

“I’m still going to let Miss Qiu not pay a penny. At that time, don’t you want to say that my vase is worthless?”
“It’s a joke!”
“An idiot.”
“You don’t believe me, don’t you still believe in Old Man Gulongen?”
“He is a master appraiser, a master of art, and the president of the Collecting Association? He has touched hundreds of millions of things, and you fools think that the old man will lose his reputation for the sake of this mere millions. !”
“Stubborn mouth when you die?”
“In that case, we will call the police and let the police handle it!”
Shen Meng was so angry that it was the first time in his life that he saw such a strange couple.
Hearing this, Qiu Muying’s whole person undoubtedly shrank instantly, and she no longer had the arrogance she had before.
Obviously, she was also afraid, for fear that the police would really catch them.
In the end, Qiu Muying had to accept the facts in front of her and began to discuss compensation. First URL m.
“Manager Shen, eight million, isn’t it a bit too much?”
“You just look at my husband’s face, let us pay 80,000 yuan, all right?”
“Don’t worry, this favor will be remembered by me and my husband, Mr. Chu.”
Qiu Muying changed her pungent look before and started talking to Shen Meng in a good voice.
“Eighty thousand?”
“You really have the face to say?” Shen Meng heard Qiu Muying’s shameless words, and his whole person was about to be blown up.
She would lose 80,000 for something worth 8 million?
How can there be such beautiful things in the world?
Return the favor?
Two soft-shelled turtles, their favor, what a fart?
It’s a shameless thing!
Shen Meng was so angry that he wanted to smoke this woman, was she really shameless?
However, after Shen Meng’s anger, Shen Meng calmed down and finally resisted the impulse in his heart.
Just now he kicked Chu Wenfei, Shen Meng felt that he might have done too much.
After all, the two of them are Mr. Chu’s relatives after all. Even if Ye Fan’s face is considered, Shen Meng feels that he should not do it.
It is not good if Mr. Chu gets angry.
However, when Shen Meng was scrupulous, Ye Fan, who had been watching the show, smiled: “Mrs. Chu, don’t you, aren’t you talking about a big family? Didn’t you just say that you should be an example and not be cheap ?”
Why are you not willing to take this just a few million?
“What about your previous posture of understanding the righteousness and righteousness?”
“How can the same thing be different when it falls on yourself?”
Ye Fan said lightly, the ridicule in the words was particularly vivid, and he didn’t save them any face.
With a few words, Qiu Muying and Chu Wenfei were speechless, their faces flushed, and they didn’t know how to refute, they just bowed their heads and said nothing.
Obviously, Ye Fan’s words made them embarrassed and they only felt very embarrassed.

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