A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 697

Chu Wenfei walked out with his hands behind his back, and said coldly to Shen Meng in a commanding tone.
However, just when everyone thought that this matter would come to an end with Chu Wenfei’s presence, who would have thought that Shen Meng would kick it up.
There was a bang.
Kick Chu Wenfei directly on the ground.
Chu Wenfei was completely stunned.
Qiu Muying also screamed in fright.
The onlookers in the store were taken aback when they saw this scene.
What’s the situation?
Isn’t this Chu Wenfei a big shot?
Is this store manager mad?
Kicked the big shot? Remember to read in one second
“Asshole, you dare to kick my husband, I declare, you are finished?”
“My husband is Mr. Chu, and your bosses all respect my husband.”
“You are so brave, how dare you kick my husband?”
Qiu Muying cursed viciously at Shen Meng like crazy.
However, Shen Meng laughed, as if looking at an idiot: “You are the one who kicked me!”
“Two shabi play 37c39162 meaning.”
“Millions of things have been ruined by you!”
“I tell you, these 8 million must be compensated. If you can’t get it out, don’t even want to leave the three of you!”
Shen Meng’s angry voice echoed throughout the hall.
However, how could Qiu Muying be subdued, still shouting angrily: “You want to blackmail us, you dream.”
“Do you dare to call eight million for something worth a few hundred dollars?”
“You are a naked blackmail, wait, I will call the police and let the police arrest you!”
Qiu Muying shouted loudly, calling the police while speaking.
But at this time, when the daughter was abroad, a group of people walked in.
“Manager Shen, what I said last time, how are you thinking about buying your four vases?”
“If you are really unwilling, we can discuss it again.”
“Or, ten million, what do you think?”
Gu Longen just walked in and said to Shen Meng from a long distance away.
“Where is the vase?”
“What about the four ancient vases?”
After coming in, Gu Longen suddenly noticed that the place where the vases were placed in the shop before was actually empty, and he was shocked.
Shen Meng sighed and gritted his teeth with hatred: “Don’t mention it, they were all ruined by these idiots.”
When Gu Longen heard this, he was suddenly heartbroken.
“Which bastard is this?”
“My country’s ancient cultural and artistic treasures, are they all gone?”
“This is a sinner of the country, a sinner of the country~”
Looking at the fragments all over the floor, Guroun also sighed sadly.
Seeing the scene before him, everyone around was suddenly surprised.
“This… isn’t this, ancient father Guroun?”
“President of Yunzhou Collection Association, art master of Jiangdong, Master Jianbao?”
“He said it was a treasure. It seems that the vase is really real?”
“This family, things are going on.”
Everyone was talking one after another, looking at Qiu Muying and others’ gazes, they suddenly felt a little gloating.
Qiu Mucheng was also full of surprises. She looked at Ye Fan, “Ye Fan, what’s going on?”
“Isn’t the store manager Shen all fake just now? How can this be true again?”
Ye Fan didn’t answer, just asked Qiu Mucheng not to ask so much, just watch the show with peace of mind.
Sure enough, Qiu Muying at this time, the whole person only felt that thunder had struck him, and his eyes widened at that time.
She was really panicked this time.
She couldn’t believe that this vase, could it be really antique?
“This… this is impossible!”
“Never possible?”
“Qiu Mucheng broke a vase just now, and only lost two hundred yuan.”
“Two hundred dollars, how could it be an antique?”
“Act, you must be acting!” Qiu Muying still did not give up, shouting angrily.
Shen Meng gritted his teeth with anger: “How much do I let others lose? That is my freedom. Does it have anything to do with whether the vase is antique or not?”

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