A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 704

At this moment, Qiu Mucheng had turned her head away, her face full of shyness, her pretty face flushed like a ripe peach, it seemed that after a pinch, her juice would drop again.
What happened to her just now?
What are she doing with Ye Fan?
Does she want to kiss Ye Fan but fail?
Recalling the scene just now, Qiu Mucheng’s heart was ups and downs, but at the same time she felt she was weird.
She didn’t know what had happened just now. At that moment, Qiu Mucheng only felt as if she was silly, and she felt like she was ecstatic.
Is this the magic of hormones?
Is this the feeling of being in love?
Could she really be conquered by the man in front of her? Have you fallen in love with him completely? Has it fallen completely for him?
Qiu Mucheng’s pretty face was panicked. Thinking of this, her beautiful eyes glanced at Ye Fan quietly, and then she hurriedly shrank back as if afraid of being discovered.
Up to this moment, Qiu Mucheng’s heart was still struggling. First URL m.
Although he and Ye Fan stopped at the last step just now, that feeling was undoubtedly surprising to Qiu Mucheng.
Just like Adam and Eve, who stole the forbidden fruit, gave Qiu Mucheng an inexplicable joy.
But Ye Fan felt obviously not so good. After being disturbed by Gu Longen, Ye Fan’s face turned black at the time.
I just feel like I’ve been overwhelmed!
“What are you doing here?”
Ye Fan stared in disgust.
Being disturbed at this time, I guess no one will have a good mood.
If someone else had such an attitude towards Gu Longen, it is estimated that this old man would have exploded long ago.
But when Ye Fan said so, the old man was not only not angry, but he smiled: “Ms. Xiaoye, I have nothing to do. It was the last time I said about my granddaughter, do you remember?”
“My granddaughter is just going home on holiday these days, so I thought about making an appointment with Teacher Xiaoye for a meal, so that you can meet each other.”
“Teacher, don’t worry, my granddaughter needs to have a good appearance, a figure and a figure, absolutely no worse than Su Yuanshan’s daughter.”
“Teacher, do you think you have time tonight. Let’s have a meal together and get to know each other?” Gu Longen was obviously making Ye Fan’s idea. In this way, he is planning to accept Ye Fan as his grandson-in-law. .
However, before Ye Fan could answer, Qiu Mucheng on the side was suddenly unhappy, and immediately refused.
“Huh?” Gu Longen was immediately displeased, and looked at Qiu Mucheng on the side, “I remember, you are the girlfriend of Su Yuanshan’s girl, Mr. Qiu, isn’t it the boss of Teacher Xiaoye?”
Although Gurung is older, his memory is not bad.
He still remembers Qiu Mucheng. At the time in the Shanshui Hall, Su Qian said that Qiu Mucheng was the boss of a big company, and Ye Fan was Qiu Mucheng’s driver. Gu Longen still remembered these things.
“Mr. Qiu, Mr. Ye is your driver. You should take care of Mr. Xiaoye for work.”
“But, don’t you think it’s a bit lenient if you take care of this personal matter in life?”
“President Qiu, I advise you to correct your position.”
Gu Longen was polite to Ye Fan because Ye Fan was his teacher. But to Qiu Mucheng, she was obviously not so polite.
Instead, he helped Ye Fan fight the injustice, thinking that the boss, Qiu Mucheng, was too broad-minded, right?
Regardless of all things, or people shit and fart?

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