A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 706

“They took the initiative to look for me. Apart from you, I have never taken the initiative to seduce any woman.”
“I swear~”
Ye Fan quickly explained.
Qiu Mucheng became even more angry when she heard it, and she stared at Ye Fan with her beautiful eyes: “You mean, if other women give you a hug, you agree?”
“I didn’t say that, you said it yourself. Besides, men, there are always needs. I can’t get satisfaction at home. Even if I can’t stand the temptation occasionally outside, it is excusable. Of course, If you can satisfy me…”
“Close your dog’s mouth!” Qiu Mucheng almost died of anger when she heard Ye Fan’s shameless words, “Ye Fan, you bastard, take it to death!”
Fight all the way.
When Qiu Mucheng and Ye Fan got home, it was already very late.
Han Li and Qiulei were still watching TV on the sofa. Seeing Qiu Mucheng came back, they said immediately: “Mucheng, someone sent an invitation. I’ll put it on your desk. You can go over and take a look. Remember to read in seconds
“Invitation? Who sent it?” Qiu Mucheng was a little surprised when she heard it.
“How do I know, go and see for yourself?” Han Li turned her head and gave Qiu Mucheng a blank look. However, the next moment, when she saw Ye Fan next to Qiu Mucheng, Han Li exploded instantly.
“Mucheng, you die Nizi, I said why you came back so late today, so you went to buy him clothes?”
“You are crazy! What clothes did you buy for him?”
“Or a suit?”
“Do you think you have a lot of money?”
“It’s just a waste of money, he wears a suit?”
“If you think you have too much money, give it to your mother.”
“It’s really useless to raise you so much, spend money on this wasteful waste, and don’t know how to honor your parents.”
Han Li scolded Qiu Mucheng angrily.
In her opinion, spending a penny on Ye Fan is a waste.
“Okay, Mom, shut up.” Qiu Mucheng didn’t bother to explain anything, and then threw a few bags over, and said angrily, “This is the clothes I bought for you.”
“Three days later, at the opening ceremony of Mufan Real Estate, it’s up to you to go or not.”
“However, if you go, change into this suit.”
“For formal occasions, you can’t dress too casually.”
After speaking, Qiu Mucheng returned to the bedroom.
And Ye Fan followed into Qiu Mucheng’s bedroom.
in the room.
The dim light flickered.
Qiu Mucheng sat at the desk and looked at the invitation in front of her. After a long time without saying a word, her palm was secretly clenched.
Upon seeing this, Ye Fan suddenly wondered: “Mucheng, what’s the matter?”
“Watch it for yourself.” Qiu Mucheng threw the invitation to Ye Fan.
Ye Fan opened it and found that it was from the Qiu family.
“On November 11, the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the second phase of the Qiushui Group and Hongqi Group?”
“Yulong Hotel?”
“Qiu Muying invited?”
“Mucheng, isn’t this Yulong Hotel the opposite of our Mufan property?”
“The time is the same, it’s all on Double Eleven?” Ye Fan was shocked when he saw the invitation, and said immediately.
Qiu Mucheng’s face was pale with anger at this time: “Who said no?”
“It is estimated that this is the revenge of the Qiu family against us.”
“At the same time and at the same place, we held the opening ceremony and they held the ribbon-cutting ceremony.”
“What’s even more hateful is that they borrowed the reputation of the Hongqi Group for this invitation, they are fake and powerful!”
“If this is the case, many people in the business circle of Yunzhou will go over to join them.”
“After all, our Mufan real estate has a shallow reputation, but Hongqi Group is the largest group in Yunzhou. It uses the momentum of Hongqi Group to suppress us and make us fool!”
“They deliberately targeted us and deliberately humiliated us~”

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