A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 707

No one knew how angry Qiu Mucheng was at this time.
From the establishment of the company before to the opening, the Qiu family has always tried every means to embarrass itself.
If it is someone else, the key is for their Mu Fan real estate, or the relatives whom I thought were closest.
“Your grandpa acted like this, probably because he wants you to get out of trouble, and then go back and apologize to her, right?”
“After all, the old man is a very controlling person, and you have a bad head again.”
“If you are mixed with wind and water, Father Qiu’s face will naturally be dull.”
“If the other Qiu family’s children follow suit, how can the majesty of the old man survive?”
Ye Fan looked at the invitation, but Shen Sheng helped Qiu Mucheng analyze it.
“So in order to protect his dignity, can he wantonly suppress her pro-granddaughter’s company?” Qiu Mucheng asked angrily with red brows.
In the end, she clenched her palms and gritted her teeth firmly and said: “The more they do this, the more I will make this opening ceremony complete.”
“Tomorrow, I will take the company employees to send invitations to enterprises in Yunzhou one by one.” The first website is m.
“If a company doesn’t come, I will give ten or one hundred.”
“There are too many invitations to send, and someone will always come to join us.”
Qiu Mucheng said stubbornly, her beautiful eyes were full of fighting spirit not to admit defeat.
Upon seeing this, Ye Fan smiled softly, “Mucheng, don’t have to be so troublesome.”
“Today Hanshi just called me and invited us to attend the annual meeting of entrepreneurs in the city tomorrow evening.”
“At that time, hundreds of entrepreneurs will be there.”
“We can take this opportunity to invite them.”
Ye Fan’s words made Qiu Mucheng’s eyebrows suddenly bright, and she immediately said in surprise: “What? Ye Fan, what you said just now is true?”
“Han City really invited us to attend the annual meeting of entrepreneurs?”
Qiu Mucheng’s eyes were full of joy, but she couldn’t believe it.
She did not think that with the current size of Mufan Real Estate, she would be eligible to participate in the annual meeting of entrepreneurs organized by the Yunzhou Municipal Government?
After all, their company has just been established, and Qiu Mucheng is a little-known little person. She really can’t figure out how Han Shi would invite them?
Qiu Mucheng has also heard of the annual meeting of entrepreneurs.
Those invited are all the pillar enterprises of Yunzhou’s economy. With a gathering of famous enterprises and rich people, there are hundreds of millions of assets at every turn.
In the Qiu family before, Mr. Qiu wanted to be invited to participate in his dreams, but he failed to do so for many years. Just because the volume of Qiushui Logistics is too small, they can’t even reach the threshold for being invited.
But Qiu Mucheng never thought that her grandfather’s long-cherished wish that she hadn’t fulfilled for many years would be fulfilled?
Therefore, Qiu Mucheng had to be surprised and happy. Shaking Ye Fan’s body, he kept asking about the authenticity of this matter.
Ye Fan shook his head and smiled and said faintly: “It’s true. If nothing happens, Han City will call you in a while. Just wait here with peace of mind.”
“Okay.” Qiu Mucheng nodded immediately, looked at the phone with expectation, and stared at Ye Fan at the same time, “Ye Fan, you better don’t lie to me, otherwise, you won’t want to climb into my bed for the rest of your life.”
When Ye Fan heard this, he suddenly gave a wry smile: “It’s as if I don’t lie to you, I can climb onto your bed.”
“Huh? What did you say?” Qiu Mucheng stared.

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