A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 709

This time, the phone went through.
“Han Shi, you really are such a big air!”
“Why didn’t you make the call last night?”
“Do you know that Mucheng waited all night for your call?”
Ye Fan suppressed his anger, and his words were full of displeasure.
Even if the opponent was Han Dongmin, Ye Fan’s tone still didn’t mean anything polite.
“Who are you?”
“The leader of the municipal party committee?” On the other end of the phone, a cautious question came from the other party.
“No, I’m Ye Fan, I’m looking for Han Dongmin, and let Han Dongmin answer the phone!” Ye Fan naturally heard it out, it was not Han Dongmin who answered the phone.
“Ye Fan?” The voice on the other end of the phone paused slightly, as if to recall who the name was. After a while, the other party’s cold laughter came on the phone.
“Oh, I remember, Master Ye, right?” Remember to read the book for one second
“But, did you really show your face?!”
“You, a poor son-in-law, dare to speak to Han City like this?”
“How dare you call his name?”
“I helped Hanshi see the stone once, and then treated myself as a character c4e4cee4?”
“Before Han Shi respected you and respected you, that was to be polite to you, otherwise, you are a farm turtle, a door-to-door son-in-law, in Han Shi’s eyes, count as a fart?”
“Boy, I warn you, don’t be shameless!”
“Being in the world, first set yourself up.”
“Don’t think that Han Shi treats you like a big man when he treats you to dinner?”
“Before pretending to be forceful, look in the mirror to see your own virtues!”
In the mansion, assistant Meng Guang answered the phone. After hearing Ye Fan’s unceremonious words, he was undoubtedly angry instantly. After a few words of angrily, he hung up the phone without waiting for Ye Fan to answer.
At this time, Han Dongmin had just changed his clothes, walked out of the room, and was about to go to work in the city.
“Xiao Meng, did you answer the phone just now? Who called it?”
Earlier, Han Dongmin was busy changing clothes, and when he heard the call, he asked his assistant to answer it.
At this time, Meng Guang was angry and amused: “Han Shi, it was the son-in-law who came to call last time.”
“My son-in-law?” Han Dongmin frowned, suddenly puzzled.
“Just the so-called Master Ye, he asked why you didn’t call last night.” Meng Guang replied lightly.
Han Dongmin patted his thigh immediately: “It’s broken, I forgot about it last night. How did you get back?”
“I didn’t reply much, just let me scold him back.”
At that time, Han Dongmin’s old face twitched, and his eyes almost jumped out: “You…you scolded him back?”
“Yeah, that brat, don’t you just help us see a few broken stones? He is awesome.”
“Han Shi, you don’t know, his tone not only does not have the slightest respect for you, but he even calls your name without shame.”
“I was annoyed at the time, and screamed at him.”
“Let him correct his position, know who should be offended and whom should be respected?” Meng Guang was still talking there, not even noticing that Han Dongmin’s face had become ugly.
“Han Shi, it’s not that I talk too much, I think you just gave him too much face, you invited him to dinner before?”
“A country turtle, door-to-door son-in-law, where is it worth making you like this?”
“You see now that you are used to him, and you dare to be disrespectful to you…”
Meng Guang advised Han Dongmin.
But the next moment, with only a slap, Han Dongmin slapped Meng Guang’s face directly with a slap, and at that time Meng Guang was stunned.
“Han Shi, what are you doing?” Meng Guang covered his face, full of grievances.

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