A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 713

“Han City?”
“what happened?”
“Is it a call from the province, urging you to prepare for the meeting?”
“I just said, that country boy was fooling you.”
“He is a door-to-door son-in-law who is unknown, and he is still the leader of Jiang Hai?”
“What does he rely on? Does he rely on his mouth?”
“Han Shi, you are too kind, too easy to trust others. But it’s okay, what about me?”
“In the future, if you have anything to do, discuss with me. As your assistant, I will definitely help you make suggestions and keep you away from the villain.”
Meng Guang had just taken the documents from the room at this time, and he did not hear the phone call Han Dongmin had previously spoken.
But it doesn’t matter. He has basically guessed it. It is estimated that people from the province asked Han City to quickly prepare for the relevant meeting.
At this time, Meng Guang was still smiling flatteringly, with an expression of inviting credit. First URL m.
However, Han Dongmin was already confused. After hanging up the phone, his brain was blank.
Now, after hearing that Meng Guang was still asking for credit, Han Dongmin kicked it in anger.
“Stay away from the villain”
“Away from your mother!”
“You idiot, Han Dongmin, I was smashed to death by you!”
“I’m so blind, why did I hear you idiot just now?”
Han Dongmin was almost crying at this time, his chest was blown up!
He now has the heart to kill Meng Guang.
Originally, the misunderstanding between him and Ye Fan just now had been resolved. He just had to wait quietly for the call to prepare for the entrepreneur’s annual meeting, as Ye Fan said.
However, just because of Meng Guang’s nonsense and telling the truth, he was finally fooled in, and he really believed the nonsense of Meng Guang. As a result, Ye Fan’s call made him scold Shengsheng back.
It’s alright now, Ye Fan was offended to death by him.
Han Dongmin is so angry now that he can’t wait to kick Meng Guang to death!
“Han Shi, why did you beat me, I… I don’t understand?” Meng Guang was full of grievance and puzzlement when he was kicked on the ground by Han Dongmin again.
“Do you still have the face to ask why?”
“There is still a face to be wronged here?”
At that time, Han Dongmin had a big ear scraped and went up again, directly inflaming Meng Guang’s face and cursing while beating.
“Did you know that just now, the Jiangdong Provincial Government personally issued instructions to postpone the meeting, specifically to make way for the entrepreneurial years, and let us hold the entrepreneurial annual meeting first.”
Meng Guang stayed there at the time, as if thunder struck.
In a pair of old eyes, there is a thick look of astonishment and incredible.
“This this”
“Is this… his handwriting?”
“But this… how is this possible?”
“This is impossible?”
“How could he be a poor disciple with such energy? Enough to influence, Jiangdong Provincial Government?”
Meng Guang wasn’t a fool either. The moment he heard Han Dongmin’s words, he got in touch with the previous words of Ye Fan.
However, he couldn’t believe that Ye Fan really did this?
While Meng Guang was shaking, Han Dongmin still cursed angrily.
“Is this the hillbilly in your mouth?”
“Is this your son-in-law?”
“But now, just because of his words, even Jiang Hai’s leadership has given way.”
“Do you still think he is a fake tiger?”
“Do you still think he was talking nonsense just now?”
“I’m so blind, I believe you such an idiot?”

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