A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 714

Han Dongmin was so furious, he kicked it again and kicked Meng Guang directly to the ground.
But now Han Dongmin couldn’t care about being angry, and quickly asked the driver to take him to Ye Fan to apologize.
Now this misunderstanding is big. He was just swearing at Ye Fan while holding the phone. Now Han Dongmin only hopes that Master Ye Fan has a lot of people and forgive him this time.
As for Meng Guang, Han Dongmin directly asked him to pack up his things before leaving.
“My Han Dongmin’s temple is small and can’t accommodate your big Buddha!”
“After today, don’t let me see you again~”
The wheels were speeding, and Han Dongmin got in the car and left.
Here, only Han Dongmin’s anger echoed.
Meng Guang lay on the ground like a waste dog, full of sorrow and panic on his old face.
Until now, in Meng Guang’s heart, there are still stormy waves swept through. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
He didn’t expect that the uncomfortable kid he had previously dismissed would now become his own gravedigger?
It took him a lifetime of hard work to climb to today’s height.
But now, just because of his own ignorance and prejudice against Ye Fan, it was his effort that was put to waste~
Mufan Real Estate.
At this time, Qiu Mucheng was sitting in the office, waiting expectantly for a call.
After coming to the company in the morning, Qiu Mucheng thought for a long time. She feels that if she wants to hold the opening ceremony well, she must find a way to attend this annual meeting of entrepreneurs in Yunzhou.
Only when she walks into this circle can she invite the bigwigs of the Yunzhou business community.
But Ye Fan obviously couldn’t count on it anymore. What teased her last night, is Qiu Mucheng still full of anger?
Therefore, after Qiu Mucheng thought for a long time, she could only call her best friend, hoping that Susie could use her father’s relationship to help herself get the entrance ticket to the annual meeting of entrepreneurs.
Finally, the call came.
Qiu Mucheng answered the phone immediately and asked quickly, “Cici, how is it? Have you got the tickets?”
Susie did not answer directly, but told Qiu Mucheng to go downstairs: “I am now downstairs in your company.”
“Okay!” Qiu Mucheng immediately agreed, and then rushed downstairs.
After seeing Susie, I couldn’t wait to ask about the tickets.
However, Susie shook her head: “Mucheng, I’m sorry, I couldn’t get you tickets for the annual meeting.”
“Moreover, even if I get it, I’m afraid I won’t be able to help you. My dad said that the annual meeting of entrepreneurs has been postponed and put it in seven days. Then your opening ceremony will be over.”
“Seven days later? Isn’t it tonight?” Qiu Mucheng wondered.
“It is said that the leader of the province took up the space. The annual meeting of entrepreneurs had to be postponed.” Susie explained.
Qiu Mucheng suddenly lost a sigh, and the original hope was undoubtedly shattered again.
She attended the annual meeting just to give Mufan real estate a little more momentum and prepare for the opening ceremony.
But now it seems that it is meaningless to participate in this annual meeting of entrepreneurs.
“President Qiu, what’s wrong with you?”
“Listen, what happened?”
At this time, he thought that he was a handsome man with a neat suit, but he just came out of the company. Seeing Qiu Mucheng’s loss, he immediately walked up and asked.
“It’s okay, Manager Zhang. I won’t bother you for a small matter.” Qiu Mucheng refused.
“Autumn President Qiu is outstanding, it is my honor to serve you, how can I say trouble?” The handsome man smiled faintly, his elegant laughter made people feel like spring breeze.

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