A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 716

Qiu Mucheng shook her head, “Don’t go anymore. What’s the point of going after a delay of seven days?”
Zhang Zhengfu on the side obviously heard their conversation, and suddenly said, “Mr. Qiu originally wanted to attend this year’s annual meeting of entrepreneurs in Yunzhou City?”
“Don’t worry about this, I’ll get it for you.” Zhang Zhengfu said, patting his chest.
Qiu Mucheng hurriedly stopped, saying no, she didn’t want to participate.
However, where Zhang Zhengfu listened, he only thought that Qiu Mucheng would be polite to him again.
After finally encountering an opportunity to please his sister, Zhang Zhengfu would naturally not let it go.
Therefore, Zhang Zhengfu called his father.
Zhang Xiaosong was in a meeting, so he didn’t hang up.
Zhang Zhengfu frowned suddenly.
“Manager Zhang, what’s the matter? Can’t you get it either?” Susie asked in confusion. First URL m.
“It’s okay, since I promised Mr. Qiu, I will definitely get it for you. Don’t worry.”
Just kidding, I’m looking at my favorite sister paper here, and I have to get whatever the ticket says. This force has been pretended to be out, otherwise this face will be lost.
Therefore, Zhang Zhengfu fought again. Zhang Xiaosong hung up over there again.
“It’s weird? Why does Dad keep hanging on my phone?”
Zhang Zhengfu was also anxious, calling seven or eight in a row, and finally got through the last one.
“Dad, you finally answered my call.”
“Quick, hurry up, get me some tickets for the annual meeting of entrepreneurs, I and Qiu…”
However, before Zhang Zhengfu finished speaking, Zhang Xiaosong, who was so angry on the other end of the phone, directly slammed his head and covered his face and said, “Asshole, what kind of phone are you making when I am meeting?”
“I want tickets, I want your mother!”
“Let me stay cool.”
“Entrepreneur Annual Meeting, is that the place you can go?”
“What are you doing, shame me?”
“Watch me go back and clean up you!”
Zhang Xiao was so angry that he was in a meeting just now, and he made a phone call after a while.
At that time, Zhang Xiaosong didn’t give Zhang Zhengfu annoyed, so he hung up with a slur.
“What? Manager Zhang? Is it done?” Susie blinked her beautiful eyes as she asked expectantly when she saw Zhang Xiaosong hung up the phone.
Qiu Mucheng also looked over at this time.
“This~” Zhang Xiaosong was suddenly embarrassed, not knowing how to explain it.
Suddenly, Qiu Mucheng’s cell phone rang.
“Huh? Unfamiliar phone?”
“Who would it be?”
Qiu Mucheng answered her question immediately.
“Excuse me, is it Ms. Qiu Muchengqiu?” The speaker seemed to be a little apprehensive, with a vibrato.
“Are you?” Qiu Mucheng was even more puzzled.
“I’m Han Dongmin, that, Miss Qiu, I’m sorry, I’m just letting you know now. At 7 o’clock tonight, Yunzhou Convention and Exhibition Center, I hope you can come to the Yunzhou Entrepreneurs Annual Conference.” Han Dongmin smiled flatly.
“What? Tonight? Isn’t the annual meeting postponed?” Qiu Mucheng asked in surprise.
“There have been changes here. The annual meeting is held as scheduled. I hope you can participate.”
“Really? Great, thank you Han Shi.” Qiu Mucheng was overjoyed immediately.
She didn’t expect that in order to attend an annual meeting, it would be a lot of twists and turns.
Fortunately, the result is good.
“In addition, ask, is Master Ye with you?”
“No, he is at home.”
Qiu Mucheng didn’t know why Han Dongmin asked where Ye Fan was, but she didn’t ask much. She was completely immersed in the joy of participating in the annual meeting of entrepreneurs.
Soon, Qiu Mucheng hung up the phone.
“Orange, who made it so happy?” Susie asked curiously.
Qiu Mucheng gave Han Dongmin’s phone number to Susie one-to-one. ,
Susie was also surprised when she heard: “I’m going, Han City personally notified you?”
“Awesome! Master Zhang is amazing~”
“I begged for something that I haven’t done for a long time. I didn’t expect Master Zhang to get it done with a single call.
“Even the date has changed.”
“How much face is this?”
“Mucheng, don’t you want to thank Young Master Zhang soon. If it weren’t for him, could you go in for the annual meeting?”

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