A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 715

The elegant and handsome man in front of him is not someone else, but Zhang Xiaosong’s son, Zhang Zhengfu.
Zhang Zhengfu’s admiration for Qiu Mucheng is not a day or two, but since the last time Wang Xingduo led someone to seize the company, and Ye 2ec40e04 where the supernatural power was so powerful that Han Dongmin came to worship in person, Zhang Zhengfu has also constrained a lot in the company and dare not Then he had any thoughts about Qiu Mucheng.
After all, if the vice mayor of Yunzhou is so respectful, Qiu Mucheng’s husband must be a big man. Isn’t he looking for death if he covets the wives of these characters?
However, after Zhang Zhengfu got to know it later, he learned that he was thinking too much and that Ye Fan was a big man. From the beginning to the end, this incident was nothing but a favor from Han Dongmin.
This favor is over. Ye Fan and Han Dongmin naturally have nothing to do with each other. Han Dongmin is still the deputy mayor, and Ye Fan is still his son-in-law.
Therefore, after learning the truth of the matter, Zhang Zhengfu no longer had any scruples and continued to pursue Qiu Mucheng.
Now, seeing Qiu Mucheng’s loss and worry, Zhang Zhengfu naturally went up and got close.
But Qiu Mucheng’s attitude towards Zhang Zhengfu has always been indifferent. If it was to avoid suspicion, she also deliberately alienated him at this time, saying that she was okay, just let him do his job.
Susie looked at the scene before her, as if she understood something, with a smile on her mouth, she asked Zhang Zhengfu: “Manager Zhang, I think you have such an extraordinary manner and manners. You must be a child of a big family?”
Zhang Zhengfu humbly shook his head: “Father Zhang Xiaosong, the big family can’t talk about it, but we shouldn’t hold back our Chinese citizens.”
“Zhang Xiaosong? Why is this name so familiar?” Susie frowned, and in her doubts, she quietly checked the internet with her mobile phone. Remember to read in one second
But it doesn’t matter if this is not checked. When Susie saw Zhang Xiaosong’s personal introduction on the Internet, her beautiful eyes were suddenly shocked: “You…your father was the one who was ordered to revitalize a tens of billions of state-owned enterprises with only 100,000 yuan. Zhang Xiaosong?”
“I go!”
“Orange, it’s okay, your company still hides such a rich young master, why didn’t you tell me earlier?”
“The background of Master Zhang is no weaker than your brother-in-law Chu Wenfei.”
After Susie learned of Zhang Xiaosong’s background, her gaze was no doubt different instantly.
“Okay, Cici, pay attention to your image. If it’s okay, you can leave. I won’t give it away. I have to go back to work.” Qiu Mucheng is not very interested. No matter how strong Zhang Zhengfu’s background is, what does it have to do with her? .
As for her father Zhang Xiaosong, Qiu Mucheng had even greater opinions on him.
After this old man tricked himself into Mu Fan Real Estate, he didn’t care about it. Only his son was sent here, and it was called full authority to represent him.
As for Zhang Xiaosong himself, he is still the big boss in his state-owned enterprise. Usually busy, Qiu Mucheng couldn’t reach him at all. Even at the opening ceremony, Zhang Xiaosong did not plan to come, saying that he would not be able to return when he was studying abroad.
But Qiu Mucheng had also thought about it. It was good that Zhang Xiaosong did not participate in the management of the company, which was more conducive to her own performance. Otherwise, I am afraid that I will be constrained everywhere and it is difficult to do anything, but it will become a foil.
“How can it be okay?”
“Don’t you want tickets to the annual meeting of entrepreneurs?”
“The father of Manager Zhang is the boss of a state-owned enterprise, and it happens to be within the system. With his relationship, getting a few tickets from the city government is not a matter of minutes?” Susie said to Qiu Mucheng.

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