A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 718

Han Dongmin’s face was bitter. He almost cried when he heard Ye Fan’s words: “Master Ye, don’t bury me anymore.”
“I really knew it was wrong.”
“Just now I was bewitched by the villain, and I just uttered a rant to Master Ye. Otherwise, you just borrowed me a few courage, and I dare not say that you are a courage?”
“Master Ye’s wise eyes and jewels at the time saved me from danger, and was kind to my Han Dongmin. If I hadn’t been bewitched by others, how could Han Dongmin be ungrateful and maliciously slander Master Ye?”
Han Dongmin said bitterly, his words were sincere and sincere. To Ye Fan, he was really full of regret and regret.
Seeing that he apologized this time, Ye Fan was sincere, so he didn’t embarrass him any more.
“Well, I see you apologize sincerely, this time I won’t hold you accountable.”
“But, I don’t want another time.”
“Otherwise, you cannot afford the consequences.”
“Do you understand?”
Ye Fan’s faint words were full of majesty. Remember to read in one second
There were gusts of cold wind blowing around this Yunwu Lake.
Han Dongmin suddenly fell down like garlic, repeatedly saying yes.
To Ye Fan, he really didn’t have any disrespect anymore. After all, the energy of the man in front of him makes him feel terrible!
“Much of the annual meeting, have you notified Mucheng?” Ye Fan asked immediately.
Han Dongmin nodded: “According to what Master Ye said, all have been notified.”
“It will be held at the Yunzhou Convention and Exhibition Center at 7pm.”
“This is an admission ticket.”
After Han Dongmin handed over the admission ticket to Ye Fan, he also left.
On the way back, Han Dongmin breathed a long sigh of relief.
He didn’t know why. When facing Ye Fan, he always felt that there was a huge oppression lingering on him.
This kind of majesty and this kind of mind made Han Dongmin have to tremble. Is this Ye Fan really just a young man in his early twenties?
“It seems that I have to meet Li Erye some time to find out what kind of background Master Ye has.” Han Dongmin thought in his heart.
In this way, the day passed quickly.
At five o’clock in the evening, Qiu Mucheng left work early, and then waited downstairs in the company with Susie.
Zhang Zhengfu said that he went home to get the admission ticket, and he would pick them up later.
At the same time, Ye Fan also changed into the suit that Qiu Mucheng bought for him before, and was going to attend the annual meeting of entrepreneurs in the evening with Qiu Mucheng. At this time, Ye Fan was holding what Han Dongmin gave him. Admission ticket.
Although there is only one, this admission ticket can carry two family members, so one is completely enough for Ye Fan and Qiu Mucheng.
But Ye Fan waited left and right, seeing that it was almost six o’clock, and Qiu Mucheng didn’t go home either.
“what happened?”
“This woman just forgot about it?”
Ye Fan was a little impatient with the wait. In his opinion, even if Qiu Mucheng didn’t want to take him with him, she would have to go home and get the admission ticket.
But it looked like it was going to be seven o’clock, and Qiu Mucheng hadn’t gone home yet, Ye Fan had to feel a little heartbroken.
Worried, Ye Fan went directly to Qiu Mucheng Company.
When Ye Fan arrived, Zhang Zhengfu also happened to drive back from home with the admission ticket.
“President Qiu, be careful?”
Zhang Zhengfu helped Qiu Mucheng open the car door, a gentleman’s reminder.
“Thank you.” Qiu Mucheng replied politely, and then sat in.
At this time, Susie was also about to get in the car, but as soon as she turned around she saw Ye Fan running from a distance.
“Damn, why is this hillbilly here?” Susie’s eyes jumped, her face scornful.
“Suzy, where is Mucheng? Where is she?” Ye Fan asked anxiously.

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