A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 719

Susie ignored his question, but asked directly and unceremoniously: “What are you doing here?”
“What else can you do? Go to the annual meeting of entrepreneurs.” Ye Fan said truthfully.
After Susie heard that, she was mad at Ye Fan’s shameless words.
“I go!”
“Did you make a mistake?”
“Did Master Zhang invite you?”
“If you didn’t invite you, you just licked your face?”
“Why are you so thick-skinned?”
“I, Susie, have never seen a brazen person like you in my life.”
Susie was so angry. First URL m.
Hearing Ye Fan’s tone, it seemed as if he were going to attend the annual meeting of entrepreneurs with them.
But the point is that Zhang Zhengfu never invited him.
He did well and came over while licking his face. When he came up, he said unceremoniously that he would attend the annual meeting of entrepreneurs.
“Are you an entrepreneur?”
“You are a son-in-law, what are you doing there?”
“To be ashamed?”
“You are so interesting!”
Susie was full of contempt. After speaking, she ignored Ye Fan, opened the door and got into the car.
Zhang Zhengfu also noticed Ye Fan at this time, and immediately sneered.
“Heh, isn’t this Mr. Qiu’s door-to-door son-in-law?”
“The person wearing it looks like a dog, why, is this also going to take my light and go to the annual meeting of entrepreneurs with me?”
“I’m so sorry, the car is full, I can’t help it.”
“Want to go, run by yourself?”
Zhang Zhengfu snorted, opened the door, got in, and the ignition started.
But Ye Fan frowned, listening to the meaning of their words, could it be that Mucheng was also in this car?
Just as Ye Fan stepped forward to find out, Zhang Zhengfu had already started the fire at this time. When the accelerator is to the bottom and the wheels are spinning, this Audi Q7 rushes out like an arrow from the string.
Zhang Zhengfu was obviously deliberate and deliberately prevented Ye Fan from seeing Qiu Mucheng.
“Damn it!”
“Stop it for me.”
“Mucheng, Mucheng~”
Ye Fan yelled loudly from behind, but Zhang Zhengfu had already carried the two women and galloped away. The low roar sounded like a beast’s low roar, but it cut through the sky and soon merged into the traffic ahead.
Inside the car.
Qiu Mucheng seemed to hear something, and she frowned, “Cici, is Ye Fan here?”
“Why do I seem to hear Ye Fan’s voice?”
In doubt, Qiu Mucheng was about to put down the car window and look back, but Susie pulled her back.
“Mucheng, you must have heard it wrong.”
“Your door-to-door husband, it is estimated that this will wipe the floor at home, so why come to your company if nothing else?”
“Don’t think about it.” Susie made up a nonsense.
She has always encouraged her best friend Qiu Mucheng to kick Ye Fan off and find another husband.
Now, this is not an excellent opportunity. Of course, Susie does not want this great opportunity to be disturbed by Ye Fan. So Susie naturally didn’t want Ye Fan to follow along.
“Have you really heard it wrong?” Qiu Mucheng was still a little suspicious, and finally broke free of Susie’s obstacles, poking her head out and looking back.
However, in Qiu Mucheng’s sight, there were only the water-like traffic and dim lights. Even if there are people, I am afraid they are already buried in the endless night.
Therefore, Qiu Mucheng naturally did not see Ye Fan.
“Maybe, I really heard the hallucinations.”
Thinking of this, Qiu Mucheng shook her head and whispered. Then I borrowed Susie’s mobile phone and sent Ye Fan a WeChat. His mobile phone ran out of power, and it turned off automatically after receiving Han Dongmin’s call just now.
“Ye Fan, I won’t go back for dinner at night. I’m going to attend the Yunzhou Entrepreneurs Annual Meeting. I hope everything goes well.”

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