A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 723

I thought that if these big guys were invited to the town venue at the opening ceremony, how beautiful would it be?
At that time, see Qiu Muying and the old man, what else can you say?
Thinking about this, Qiu Mucheng suddenly showed an inexplicable smile on her mouth, so she took the initiative to take the invitation and send it to everybody, inviting them to the opening ceremony, her attitude was very low, and she was very respectful to these senior businessmen. .
However, what disappointed Qiu Mucheng was that she gave it away for a long time, but even confiscated it. Almost all refused for various reasons.
In the end, Qiu Mucheng sat down on the side in despair, almost giving up.
“Cici, why do you think this is the case?”
“Why is no one willing to go?”
Before coming here, Qiu Mucheng thought that with so many powerful and powerful people present, even if they were really busy, it was impossible for them to be busy. One of the ten people would have time to participate.
But now, the cruel reality slapped Qiu Mucheng in the face severely.
At this time Susie had just finished talking with a young and wealthy master, and she walked over with a red wine glass. Seeing Qiu Mucheng’s discouragement, Susie did not show too much surprise, on the contrary, she was surprised. The look inside: “Mucheng, I told you a long time ago that your method won’t work.”
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“Am I not being polite? Am I not respecting them enough?”
“Why do they all refuse, and they don’t even accept invitations. Didn’t even tell me a good word?”
“Why it came out like this?”
Qiu Mucheng was incomprehensible. She was so hardworking and respectful, even a little humble, and she invited them in a tone that was almost begging.
But the result is still the same.
“Mucheng, you still don’t understand.”
“It’s because you are too respectful and humble to them, that’s why they disdain to go.”
“People’s inferiority is like this. The lower you put your posture, the more they will disdain you and will naturally not accept your invitation.”
“However, if you behave at the top, the more they will flatter you, the more they will rush to you.”
“Such a simple truth, don’t you understand?” Susie shook her head and said with emotion.
Qiu Mucheng laughed at herself as she listened, “Cici, why don’t I know what you said?”
“I also want to be high, and I don’t want to put my posture so low. But, what can I do?”
“Mufan Real Estate is after all a small company, a small business, and unknown. It is estimated that no one of these people knows about it. In this case, how emboldened we are to show up to others, and why do we make others cling to it?”
When Susie heard this, she suddenly smiled and said, “Mucheng, you don’t believe that you are stupid?”
“No one knows that it’s a small company?”
“What about Huaxia? If there are hundreds of billions of companies, there are hundreds of them. Do you know their names?”
“So, don’t you tell me, who knows whether Mufan Real Estate is a large group or a small enterprise?”
“No one here knows you.”
Qiu Mucheng was stunned: “Cici, are you…”
However, before Qiu Mucheng finished speaking, Su Qian smiled slyly: “Mucheng, you are waiting for me here and watch my performance. Be sure to cooperate with me later.”
“Cici, you~”
Qiu Mucheng seemed to have guessed what Susie was going to do and wanted to stop it, but Susie had already moved to the center of the venue. The rostrum is where the leaders speak.

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