A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 722

I thought, wouldn’t there be anything wrong again?
“Relax, Wu Yong has been in friendship with me for more than ten years. He has a strong relationship with me. He won’t let me go.” Chu Wenfei said confidently.
Wu Yong and Chu Wenfei can be regarded as a primary school. When they were young, the two families were neighbors, and the elementary school was both attended.
Later, because Wu used his father’s job to be transferred, the two also separated.
Later, Wu Yong’s father took the charge of Yunzhou, and the investment attraction attracted Chu Wenfei’s father to carry out urban construction in Yunzhou. There are naturally many reasons why the Chu family’s real estate in Yunzhou went so smoothly.
With this kind of relationship, it is conceivable that the friendship between Chu Wenfei and Wu Yong will not be weak.
Not long after, a silver-white Cadillac drove over, and then a handsome, handsome man walked out of the car.
At a glance, this person knows that his temperament is extraordinary, and he must be rich or noble. After getting off the car, he took off his sunglasses and looked around for a while until he saw Chu Wenfei beckoning to him far away.
The corner of the youth’s mouth suddenly tilted, and then he took a low footstep and walked forward.
“Wu Yong, you finally arrived.”
“Let me just say, you fellow, dare to let me dove?” Chu Wen flew over, patted Wu Yong’s shoulder and said haha. First URL m.
Qiu Muying poked Chu Wenfei from behind and whispered: “Wen Fei, be polite.”
Wu Yong is always the son of the mayor’s family, but Chu Wenfei has no respect for others, and Qiu Muying is naturally worried.
Chu Wenfei grinned and said, “Yingying, it’s okay. My brother Wu and I have been with Wu for more than ten years, and there are not so many things. Don’t say that he is the son of the Wu Shi family, he is the Emperor Laozi, if he does it, I am sorry. Matter, I smoke him as I should.”
Men, no matter how good they are, they must have fought with each other when they were young.
Chu Wenfei was a tall man, and Wu Yong, who naturally suffered a loss every time he started fighting.
Wu Yong shook his head and smiled: “Well, let’s talk about the extra words later, let’s go in first.”
While talking, a group of people walked towards the Convention and Exhibition Center.
Along the way, looking at Chu Wenfei who was talking and laughing with Wu Yong, Old Man Qiu, Qiu Yang and others were no doubt secretly surprised.
“Unexpectedly, Wen Fei still has such connections.”
“It seems that our family, Yingying, has really found a good home.” Old man Qiu is undoubtedly more and more pleased with Chu Wenfei.
Qiu Yang also nodded and said with emotion: “Yes, with Wen Fei, we will have hope in the Qiu family in the future.”
“Why don’t you worry about your foundation?”
In this way, Qiu Muying and other Qiu family followed Wuyou into the exhibition center.
At this time, there is still some time before the annual meeting begins.
Taking advantage of this gap, the leaders of all parties communicated with each other.
It is not business elites who come here. The entire venue can be described as a gathering of celebrities.
Successful people in suits, elegant business ladies.
The people were in groups of three or five, holding red wine glasses, talking to each other, and wanted to take this opportunity to expand their circle of friends and make a few business leaders.
“Isn’t that the boss of Jinding Group?”
“And the chairman of Shengshi Entertainment?”
“And the head of the Wang Family Group, who is the fifth richest man in Yunzhou this year?”
“Are they here too?”
After Qiu Mucheng entered, looking at these big men from all walks of life who were rarely seen on weekdays, her heart trembled suddenly.

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