A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 727

Prior to this, Qiu Mucheng had been thinking, is this kind of vanity gained by weaving lies really what she wants?
In other words, from the beginning, her persistence was wrong.
She cares too much about false names.
She cares too much about the Qiu family’s opinion of herself.
Perhaps, she shouldn’t have been so obsessed with the pomp at the opening ceremony.
No matter how many people come, it is only a momentary glory, a momentary scenery.
What really determines the height of one’s life is the future achievements of Mufan Real Estate!
Suddenly, Qiu Mucheng figured it out.
She decided to confess to everyone present here, and Susie’s unmarried boast before confessing.
Life is your own, why care about the opinions of others?
If you really want others to look down on it, you should rely on your own abilities and achievements rather than lies and bragging. Remember to read in one second
Make a fool of yourself at the opening ceremony, she doesn’t care.
After she really made Mu Fan bigger and stronger in the future, all the ridicule and ridicule would naturally disappear.
However, just after Qiu Mucheng figured it out, when he was about to apologize to everyone present and confess everything, who could have imagined that a sneer and sharp sneer quietly exploded from the crowd.
“Everyone was cheated by her.”
“What the hundreds of billions group, what decades of spring and autumn, are farts.”
“Their company does not have dozens of employees, so how come there are five thousand people?”
“From the beginning to the end, they are lying!”
“We were all cheated by him~”
The cold laughter, just like thunder, exploded in the entire hall.
This sudden word, like a huge boulder like a sea, is undoubtedly an instant, setting off a monstrous wave in the hearts of everyone.
Many people were shocked and trembled.
For a moment, the gazes of the people in the audience were all looking at the place where the sound came from.
I saw a woman with heavy make-up, with a sneer on her face, and immediately got up.
“not good!”
“It’s going to be bad!”
Seeing this person, Su Qian’s delicate body immediately trembled, her face turned pale, and her heart was broken.
“Miss Su, what’s the matter?” Zhang Zhengfu was puzzled, obviously he didn’t know Qiu Muying.
Susie frowned and said anxiously: “This person is Qiu Muying, she is Mucheng’s cousin.”
“It’s even Mucheng’s enemy!”
“She knows the details of Mucheng, she is standing up now, and she is definitely going to expose us.”
“It’s just that why the Qiu family are here too?”
“But this shouldn’t be it. With the size of Qiu Shui Logistics, how can you be qualified to enter such occasions and participate in the company’s annual meeting?”
Susie was obviously panicked, very guilty.
She had counted a lot, but she didn’t expect that the Qiu family had also arrived at this exhibition center.
Doesn’t this mean that everything about them just now will be exposed?
At this time, Qiu Muying had already stood up from her seat and walked toward the stage with a wanton and cold smile.
“Qiu Muying, what are you doing?”
“She is your sister!”
“Are you going to ruin him?”
Anxiously, Susie ran over and stopped Qiu Muying, hoping to stop her.
However, Qiu Muying looked at Su Qian, but smiled sarcastically: “Why, President Su? You just talked with everyone in front of you, didn’t you think you were very powerful?”
“Are you afraid now? I’m afraid that your deeds will be revealed and that the lies will not be exposed?”
“You have done everything, don’t you dare to let me say?”
“Get out of me!”
Qiu Muying didn’t show any affection to Susie, and directly asked her to step aside.

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