A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 733

Susie is almost going to be pissed off by this stupid Zhang Zhengfu.
He thought that Zhang Zhengfu was also a man with ability and ability, and even wanted to introduce him to his good friend Qiu Mucheng to make a marriage. But who would have thought that this guy had stolen the invitation letter after a long time?
In the end, their faces were swept away, and Qiu Mucheng was also injured.
“Without this diamond, what kind of porcelain work would you take?”
“We are ashamed of you as well!”
“Trash, what kind of big tail wolf?”
The more Susie thinks, the more angry she has never been so humiliated in her life.
She was dignified by the daughter of the Su family, and she was swept out like a dog. If this were to be spread, the Su family would not face it.
Faced with Susie’s reprimand, Zhang Zhengfu was also full of guilt at first and kept apologizing.
The old face flushed, and he obviously felt ashamed to face Qiu Mucheng.
However, the more Susie scolded, the worse it became, and Zhang Zhengfu was finally annoyed by the scolding. Remember to read in one second
“Ciao, it’s endless, right?”
“You still have the face to say me?”
“If you didn’t make your own claim, talk nonsense in front of everyone, and be exposed in the end, how could we be talked about by people?”
Seeing that Susie and Zhang Zhengfu had already quarreled, the harsh voice echoed here.
Qiu Mucheng on the side didn’t want to listen anymore.
She stood up slowly, turned to the way she came, and walked away slowly.
She didn’t care about the annual meeting of entrepreneurs and the opening ceremony.
She is tired, she is already scarred, she just wants to go home now.
The night was dark, and the air was so heavy that people could hardly breathe.
Looking at this posture, it seems to be raining.
On the side of the road, the dim lights fell faintly. Falling on Qiu Mucheng’s body, it was a shadow that shed the ground.
The cold wind rustled in the late autumn, blowing boundless leaves. But what can’t be blown off are the scars of the beautiful woman in front of her.
Not long after, a flash of lightning suddenly pierced Changxiao.
Then there was a loud thunder.
The sky seemed to crack open, and with a bang, the autumn rain that had been accumulated for a long time finally fell.
As the rain fell, the whole Yunzhou seemed to be a mess.
Pedestrians without umbrellas hurried away with their bags, the traffic on the road was blocked, and the sound of horns mixed with curses raged across the world.
When Ye Fan fc0c47e9 saw her, Qiu Mucheng was still walking slowly in the rainy night alone. The street lamps on both sides exude a faint and cold light.
Through the iron-like thick rain curtain, Ye Fan only saw that Qiu Mucheng’s body was like the faint spark in the night, so small, so weak and helpless, just like this world’s abandonment. child.
“Mucheng, why are you here?”
“In the end what happened?”
Ye Fan immediately got out of Han Dongmin’s car and ran over desperately.
When she got closer, Ye Fan discovered that there were blood stains on her hands, and they were even a little swollen. The exquisite long skirt had been stained with mud and dirt, and her body was cold, like a dusted pearl, and a lotus in the water.
The look of despair was actually that kind of embarrassment.
No one knows how much pity and distress Ye Fan felt when he saw Qiu Mucheng’s face.
In the end what happened?
Why did Ye Fan’s woman be so disheartened?
“Ye Fan, oooooo~”
At the moment when she saw Ye Fan, Qiu Mucheng could no longer restrain the sadness and loss in her heart, and the still suppressed emotion in her heart finally found a catharsis and threw herself directly into Ye Fan’s arms, crying loudly.

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