A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 732

The timing of Qiu Muying was undoubtedly very good. She first exposed Qiu Mucheng’s lies and left everyone with a good impression of hatred and hatred, and then strengthened Qiu Shui logistics’s momentum by using the reputation of the Hongqi Group and Wu Yong.
For a time, ten entrepreneurs and leaders responded, expressing their willingness to come and go.
Seeing the thunderous applause in the audience, and the voices of congratulations and congratulations from the crowd, Qiu Muying was energetic, and her heart was even more proud.
“Qiu Mucheng, Qiu Mucheng, I guess you wouldn’t have thought of it. You originally wanted to take this opportunity to give yourself a boost at the opening ceremony, but in the end, it became Qiu Muying, Qiu’s family~”
Qiu Muying’s face was full of wanton smiles.
Father Qiu, Qiu Guang and others looked at Qiu Muying and they were also full of approval.
“Father, Yingying has done another great contribution to our Qiu family.”
“Successfully invited so many entrepreneurial bosses all at once. On November 11th, are you waiting for the show?”
Old man Qiu, Qiu Guang and others laughed from ear to ear, and they were happy.
It seems to have seen that on the day of their autumn water logistics ribbon-cutting celebration, the rich and powerful gathered together and the crowds came to celebrate the boundless scene. At that time, in the entire Yunzhou City, who still doesn’t know their Qiu family? Who doesn’t know him Qiu Zhenglun? Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Maybe, taking this opportunity, their Yunzhou Qiu Family will no longer be an unknown third-rate family, but will become a first-rate family in Yunzhou, a complete ancestor.
Inside the Convention and Exhibition Center, there is a lively and prosperous scene.
In sharp contrast to the excitement inside, the three of Zhang Zhengfu, who were driven out of the hall, were so embarrassed.
“let me go!”
“I will go by myself!”
“You dogs see low-level things, my dad won’t let you go~”
Susie yelled angrily, and in the end she was still mercilessly framed and thrown on the ground.
Susie had never suffered such a big humiliation in her life, and she was very angry at this time and screamed at these security guards.
“Several scumbags who slandered and deceived, what a big tone!”
“We didn’t arrest you and send you to the police station. This is the manager’s greatest kindness to you.”
“Dare to yell at me here?”
Manager Xu sneered, but he pushed the nearest Qiu Mucheng to the ground, and then shouted angrily: “Get out!”
Manager Xu was so powerful that Qiu Mucheng fell to the ground, and her white jade hands made blood marks on the hard ground.
“Mucheng, Mucheng, are you okay?”
Seeing that her girlfriend was injured, Susie was anxious, and she hurried over to help, and at the same time shouted at the manager Xu:
“How dare you push Mucheng?”
“I want to sue you for personal injury!”
When Manager Xu heard this, he immediately laughed, as if he had heard the best joke: “I think you are considered light.”
“If it weren’t for seeing you as women, this manager would have kicked you.”
“A bunch of things that don’t live or die, don’t you get out?”
After cursing, Manager Xu didn’t bother to pay attention to them anymore and turned around and walked into the exhibition center.
As for Qiu Mucheng and the others, they were just a few clowns, and he didn’t care about it from beginning to end.
After Manager Xu and the others left, Qiu Mucheng was still lying on the ground. The shock of today’s events was undoubtedly huge.
Not only was Qiu Muying insulted in public, but now he was driven out of the Convention and Exhibition Center.
Everything is messed up. No one knows how lost and sad Qiu Mucheng was at this time.
“Ms. Qiu, you… are you okay?” At this moment, Zhang Zhengfu also got up from the ground, stepped forward with some guilty conscience, and said with concern.
“Go away!” Seeing Zhang Zhengfu, Susie was furious, and directly pushed Zhang Zhengfu aside.
“You still have the face to ask?”
“If it weren’t for you, d25a4f1b and I would be kicked out?”
“No ability, what can you do?”
“Stealing invitations, can you do this kind of thing?”
“Both of our sisters were killed by your idiot!”
“Well, I thought you were so good? How much face?”
“After a long time, it’s also a waste!”

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