A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 735

In such a situation, if life is lost, the impact will be great.
What’s more, Xu Lin’s background is not small. The family behind him dare not even offend Han Dongmin. When Xu Lin’s uncle left Yunzhou, he specially greeted him and asked Han Dongmin to take care of Xu Lin.
Now, seeing Ye Fan act like this, Han Dongmin is naturally apprehensive and frustrated, saying that he will deal with it properly.
But why would Ye Fan bother?
“No need.”
Ye Fan whispered, then left, and soon disappeared into the long rainy night.
Exhibition Center.
There was thunder and rain outside, but there was still a lively and joyous scene in the hall.
Before Qiu Muying relied on the reputation of Hongqi Group and Wu Yong, he undoubtedly made the limelight.
Later, he was elected as a representative of the new generation of entrepreneurs, and gave a speech on stage to introduce his successful experience.
Not far away, Xu Lin was wearing a suit and carrying red wine, but he was talking and laughing with Chu Wenfei, Wu Yong and others. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“Manager Xu, thanks for your help. Chu Wenfei respects you for this glass of wine.” Chu Wenfei thanked Xu Lin.
Xu Lin waved his hand: “Young Master Chu is Wu Yong’s friend, and that is my friend. It is right to help my friend deal with some clowns.”
Yes, why Xu Lin suddenly checked Zhang Zhengfu’s invitation letter was instructed by Chu Wenfei.
In fact, Xu Lin is just doing the so-called inspection.
Regardless of whether their invitation letter is true or false, Xu Lin obviously wants them to get out.
“This Qiu Mucheng and her wretched husband repeatedly provoke me and Yingying. This time, I think it’s a lesson for them.”
“Let them know who should be offended and who shouldn’t be offended?” Chu Wenfei grinned.
Xu Lin echoed: “Indeed, you can’t get used to this kind of social scum. You have to teach you when it is time to teach! Brother Wenfei, if necessary, I can help you teach that hillbilly again. My son-in-law.”
Several people were talking and laughing, and then they touched a cup. Drink it all.
At this time, Xu Lin’s phone rang suddenly.
Xu Lin looked down and saw that it was Han Dongmin who was calling.
He didn’t dare to neglect, he immediately answered the phone and said respectfully: “Uncle Min, why haven’t you arrived? The annual meeting has started? You…”
However, before Xu Lin had finished speaking, Han Dongmin’s curse came over the phone.
“Bastard thing, who made you the woman of Master Dongye?”
“Do you think you have a long life?”
“hurry up.”
“If you don’t want to die, run quickly.”
“Run as fast as you can!”
Han Dongmin shouted anxiously at Xu Lin.
Xu Lin could hear it in the clouds, and didn’t know what was going on.
“Uncle Min, what’s wrong?”
“I’ve been very honest recently, didn’t I cause you trouble?” Xu Lin was full of doubts.
“Not as big as your grandma!”
“Why don’t you run away with so much nonsense?”
“You don’t know how to live or die, do you dare to move Qiu Mucheng?”
Han Dongmin was still roaring angrily, and Xu Lin only then understood what was going on.
“Oh, you mean those few turtles.”
“They will make trouble in the coming year and I will be kicked out.”
“Why, could it be that Qiu Mucheng’s wretched husband was so angry that he couldn’t come and beat me?”
“Uncle Min, don’t worry.”
“A dozen of my staff, a door-to-door son-in-law, can’t I get him?”
“Uncle Min, let’s not talk about it. How can someone speak here?”
“Hang up first.”

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