A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 736

Xu Lin quickly hung up the phone, and then with Chu Wenfei and the others, watching Qiu Muying’s speech with great interest, Xu Lin didn’t care about Han Dongmin’s words.
Just kidding, just a door-to-door son-in-law, why should he be afraid of him?
“No one can stand without credibility.”
“I think the most basic quality of an entrepreneur is integrity.”
“If you want to succeed, you must be honest!”
“If there is no integrity, then her life will be extremely miserable.”
“Just like my third sister, Qiu Mucheng, because she loves vanity, she loses her integrity.”
“This kind of woman is destined to be poor and humble all her life.”
“Like her wimpy husband, she will surely become the laughing stock of the world and will be despised by the world.”
Qiu Muying spoke proudly, and between the generous speeches, there was thunderous applause from the audience. Remember to read in one second
Feeling the respect and respect of everyone, Qiu Mucheng only felt that her vanity was greatly satisfied. At this moment, she was eye-catching, as if she had embarked on the pinnacle of her life.
However, it is now.
Suddenly, with a bang, the closed gate of the hall was immediately torn apart.
Between the shattered doors and windows, only a thin figure appeared in front of everyone, like a ghost.
The sky was rainy outside, and the rustling wind was blowing.
Behind him is the dignified darkness. In front of him, this is a bright temple.
And that thin figure is like a messenger from hell, connecting light and darkness, connecting hell and heaven.
“This this…”
Many people were frightened.
I thought it was the gangster who wanted them all.
After all, the people here are all wealthy and wealthy, and it is not unbelievable that some people miss coming to robbery.
Upon seeing this, Xu Lin hurriedly mobilized his staff. A dozen men with electric batons ran forward and surrounded the man.
“who are you?”
“So courageous, do you dare to make trouble on this occasion?” Manager Xu shouted angrily.
Qiu Muying had already seen Ye Fan’s face clearly at this time, and suddenly screamed: “Manager Xu, he is Ye Fan, and he is Qiu Mucheng’s wretched husband.”
“He must be here to make trouble, you must not let him go.”
“He is the son-in-law from the country?”
“The liar’s husband just now?”
“He still has a face!”
“It’s a dead end!”
When everyone heard it, they were immediately angry and shouted angrily.
Qiu Muying smiled even more at this time, thinking that Ye Fan was really an idiot.
What is this occasion?
Officially organized annual meeting.
Come here to make trouble, it’s obviously to die!
“It’s worthy of being a husband and wife, they are all idiots.”
“Look at how you die in a while.” Qiu Muying smiled triumphantly.
When Father Qiu and Qiu Guang saw that it was Ye Fan, they also snorted coldly, “Is this awkward, still have a face?”
“Not too shameful!”
After hearing Qiu Muying’s words, Xu Lin looked at Ye Fan in front of him, and suddenly smiled: “It turns out that you are the silly son-in-law.”
“Why, come to help your wife not make it?”
Xu Lin’s disdainful laugh quietly sounded.
Ye Fan raised his eyelids and looked at him with cold eyes. The big raindrops slowly dripped down the tips of his hair, falling to the ground, falling to pieces.
“Mucheng, you hurt?” The cold voice, like the sound of a boulder crushing, was so harsh.
“Yes, it’s me. What can you do with me? Could it be that you still want to do something to me?” Looking at Ye Fan, Xu Lin just felt funny.
A door-to-door son-in-law, or a hillbilly, pretending to be 532b2042 here?
He is also worthy?
Just when Xu Lin was about to give an order to let Ye Fan be beaten and thrown out.
Who would have thought that Ye Fansenran’s words sounded first: “You guessed it.”
“Asshole, dare you?!”
Xu Lin’s face changed immediately, and his pupils suddenly shrank.
However, it was too late.
Just heard a low boom.
Amidst everyone’s shocked and violent eyes, Ye Fan kicked out fiercely, and Xu Lin’s body of several hundred catties was directly kicked out by Ye Fan.
It swept across the sky like a broken kite, flying out several tens of meters with a face, and finally hit the ground with a crash and fell at Qiu Muying’s feet.
Xu Lin’s body trembled, and several mouthfuls of blood were vomited on Qiu Muying’s face, and then dripped on the hem of her skirt.
The long skirt was stained with blood, her pretty face was panic.
Qiu Muying was so frightened that she almost lost her soul, and the last one staggered, actually lying on the ground.

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