A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 746

Boss Qiu’s wife shook her head again and again: “Our family is not good. Although we know a lot of people, there are no big people. How can you compare with Wen Fei?”
Father Qiu has five sons, and the eldest son Qiu Guang has been in charge of Qiu Shui Logistics after his father retreated to the second line.
The second son, Qiuming, joined the army as a soldier, and rarely returned.
The third son Qiulei, who is also the father of Qiu Mucheng, has always been at home.
The fourth son, Qiu Luo, also holds important positions in Qiu Shui Logistics, assisting Qiu Guang.
As for the fifth son, Qiu Yuan, he is also away all year round, and he will only come back during the New Year.
Therefore, in today’s ribbon-cutting celebration, the people who came to congratulate, except those who came to the reputation of the Red Flag Group, most of the rest were aimed at the face of the old family and the old four.
“Well, you two don’t talk to each other in this business.”
“The convoy will be over in a while, you quickly prepare to prepare, and pass by in a while.”
“When you arrive at the Yulong Hotel, it is never too late for you two to have fun.”
Seeing Wang Qiaoyu and the old lady’s wife chatting endlessly, the second aunt Jiang Hong rolled her eyes and urged them. First URL m.
In order to suppress Mufan’s real estate, Qiu Muying originally designated the location of the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Yulong Hotel opposite the Mufan’s real estate.
Now, the Qiu family naturally have to go to the hotel and wait. After a while, the guests will come to the door, so they will come to entertain.
Soon, the scheduled convoy stopped in front of the old house.
In the autumn, dozens of people went up and down, all got in the car and rushed to the Yulong Hotel.
At the same time, Liuyuan District.
Qiu Mucheng’s family also finished their meal early, changed their clothes, and was about to go to the company.
“Mucheng, are you really doing this opening ceremony?”
“You kid, why aren’t you obedient?”
“If there is no one to join us, just let us dry it, don’t you think it is shameful?” Seeing Qiu Mucheng and Ye Fan put on formal dresses early in the morning, Han Li naturally guessed something instantly. I was so angry that my liver hurts.
“Mom, you don’t have to persuade, I’m determined.”
“I will hold this opening ceremony regardless of whether anyone comes to join us.”
“Moreover, there is nothing to be ashamed of. I did not hold the opening ceremony for others, but for my own company. If there is no outsider to celebrate, then we will celebrate by ourselves.”
“Mufan Real Estate was created by me. It is my child. Naturally, I will not lack the necessary rituals.”
“If you two elders want to go, I welcome them.”
“If I don’t want to go, I won’t force it.”
“It’s getting late, let’s go by first.”
Qiu Mucheng said lightly.
By now, she has figured it out, and she doesn’t care about these so-called face and fame.
Yes, why deliberately pursue these so-called false names.
Peaches and plums, the next from Seikei.
As long as you are good enough, these things will naturally come uninvited.
Too obsessed with these, on the contrary, it is to give up everything, swollen face to fill the fat man, it is nothing more than laughter.
After speaking, Qiu Mucheng also went downstairs with Ye Fan.
“This dead Nizi, I’m so blinded by lard.”
“Let her handle that silly waste, she really does it?”
“I’m so annoyed!”
“We two old faces, sooner or later let them be lost!” Behind her, Han Li’s angrily scolded.

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