A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 749

It’s almost nine o’clock in the morning.
Everyone in the Qiu family was already sitting in the hall, waiting for the first group of guests to come.
Father Qiu was full of arrogant eyes, sitting upright in a high seat, like a noble and majestic Supreme Emperor.
Today’s Mr. Qiu, rarely wears a suit and a tie on his chest, which shows how much he attaches great importance to today’s celebration.
“Qiu Guang, at this point, the guests who are coming should almost be here?” After the old man Qiu took a sip of tea, he immediately looked at Qiu Guang and said slowly.
Qiu Guang looked at his watch: “Well, it’s nine o’clock, it’s almost there.”
Sure enough~
As soon as Qiu Guang’s voice came to an end, a black Honda sedan drove up outside the hotel and stopped slowly.
When the car door opened, only a young and glamorous woman walked out of the car, holding a pudgy man with a big belly.
The man raised his head and looked ahead, Xuanshi took his wife and handed the card to the roll-call boy in front of him.
Immediately afterwards, a tender and loud voice resounded through the autumn sky. First URL m.
“Director of Shifeng Factory, boss Wei is here!”
After hearing the boy’s singing fame, the originally quiet atmosphere in the hotel hall was broken.
“I’m coming.”
“Brother, sister-in-law, why don’t you come to meet your people soon?”
Shifeng Factory is no stranger to Qiu’s family. With Qiushui Logistics has been a partner for many years. Especially the boss Wei, the factory director, had a good personal relationship with Qiu Guang, and went out to make appointments in two days.
Now that they heard the name of Boss Wei, everyone knew that it was the guests who came to Qiuguang.
“Haha, Qiu Guang, go out to welcome you.”
“We can’t afford to lose courtesy when people support us.”
After hearing the arrival of the first group of guests, Mr. Qiu smiled more excitedly, and urged his eldest son Qiu Guang to go out to meet him.
“it is good!”
“Go, wife, follow me out to meet the guests.”
Qiu Guang straightened his suit and smiled proudly, and went out to greet him with his wife since 99a639be.
“Mr. Qiu, am I not late?”
“Congratulations, Mr. Qiu. My wife, Wei Long, is here first to wish the Qiu family a prosperous career and wish the ribbon-cutting celebration a smooth event.”
“A little courtesy is no respect.”
“Boss Wei is polite.”
“Quickly, boss Wei, Mrs. Wei, please come inside.”
Qiu Guang laughed and shook hands enthusiastically with Boss Wei, and at the same time asked the hostess to lead Boss Wei to sit in the hall.
At this time, a number of cars stopped outside the hotel.
Immediately afterwards, the voice of the roll-caller boy resounded one after another throughout the street.
“The boss of Jinfengwang Food Factory is here!”
“The boss of Dafeng Machinery Factory is here!”
“…The director of the timber factory Meng is here~”
As cars came one after another, the young and loud voice of the roll-calling boy resounded across the sky.
In a blink of an eye, dozens of factory directors, large and small, took their wives onto the red carpet and were introduced into the hotel lobby under the welcome of Qiu Guang and others.
“Master, how good is your health?”
“A little gift, please accept it~”
“Thank you, thank you~”
For a time, the hall was full of guests, and countless people came forward to congratulate, and the lively and festive atmosphere spread throughout the hall.

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