A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 750

Even within ten meters of a radius of 48806a42, the noise of the Qiu family can be heard.
One morning, the guests of Qiu’s family were in an endless stream. In contrast, the front door of Mufan Real Estate Company was empty.
Except for the few pedestrians passing by, there really wasn’t a single guest here.
In the entire company lobby, except for the dejected staff, has there ever been a guest who came to pay a congratulation?
“Yingying, you really got it right.”
“On the opposite side of the Mufan property, there are no shit people?”
“I thought that at least a few idiots would come to cheer for them?”
“Now it seems that I look up to them.”
“It’s been all morning, and there are no guests.”
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“Then Qiu Mucheng is also irresponsible.”
“If you marry a door-to-door son-in-law, don’t you have any abilities?”
“Still opening a company?”
“Or an opening ceremony?”
“Give us an invitation?”
“Aren’t you putting your face up and letting us hit it?”
“Insult yourself!”
In the hotel, Wang Qiaoyu and other Qiu family members looked at the empty Mufan real estate opposite, and all smiled triumphantly.
The words are full of ridicule and sarcasm.
At this moment, Mufan real estate has become a joke for the entire Qiu family.
Elder Qiu also glanced from a distance, and snorted coldly at the same time: “Something shameful.”
When the Qiu family was proud of the spring breeze, the atmosphere inside Mufan’s estate was particularly solemn and low. Looking at the empty hall, and looking at the Qiu family not far away, which is full of guests, many people feel sad.
Moreover, as if to laugh at them deliberately, the Qiu family even asked the waiter to buy a pig face from the meat shop and send it over.
When they saw this “pig face”, Han Li and others were almost mad.
“What does it mean?”
“This is obviously mocking us, saying that our faces have been beaten into pig faces.”
Han Li was angry and angry. Originally, Han Li felt ashamed not to come alone at the opening ceremony. Now that she is humiliated by the Qiu family, she is naturally more angry.
All the anger was spread on Ye Fan and Qiu Mucheng.
“Mucheng, you die nizi.”
“I advised you early, don’t do this opening ceremony.”
“Are we not sure how good we are?”
“Not listening to that useless!”
“How is it now?”
“The face is almost broken, right?”
“Our old couple are ashamed of you.”
“I have never suffered such humiliation in my life.”
Han Li cursed, an angry voice spread throughout the hall.
However, it was at this time that the voice of a roll-calling boy came from outside the company again.
“Vice President of Shen Group, Shen Jiuwan is here!”
Shen Group?
Shen Jiuwan?
The younger brother of Shen Jiuyi, the head of the Shen family?
Hearing the name of the Shen Group, many people present were stunned and surprised.
The Shenshi Group is a 100 billion group, the first local enterprise in Yunzhou.
The Shen family is in Yunzhou City, and it is the leading wealthy family.
Everyone did not expect that a ribbon-cutting celebration in the Qiu family would attract the second-in-command of the Shen family.
“Mr. Qiu, it’s okay.”
“Hide it deep!”
“The second head of the Shen family has come to congratulate you.”
“This face, there are not many in Yunzhou?”
In an instant, many people looked at Qiu Guang, full of envy and admiration.
However, Qiu Guang felt a little drumming in his heart.
He doesn’t remember that he invited people from the Shen Group to come.
What’s more, such a billion-dollar enterprise, Yunzhou giants, their Qiu family can’t afford it.

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