A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 752

Elder Qiu also urged them to hurry up and don’t lose their manners.
In this way, the couple caught the ducks on the shelves. When they went outside, they saw Shen Jiuwan.
“You are Mr. Chu?” Shen Jiuwan asked politely.
Chu Wenfei nodded: “I am. Are you really here to congratulate me?”
Chu Wenfei still seemed to be a little skeptical, confirming again.
Shen Jiuwan immediately bowed and bowed, respectfully saying: “Mr. Chu really is as my brother said, the hero is young.”
“Today I, Shen Jiuwan, on behalf of the Shen Group, came to congratulate Mr. Chu.”
“Ha~ Yingying, it really came for us.” Chu Wenfei was delighted when he heard this.
It doesn’t matter whether the other party is true or false, but when he comes, it is to give him face to Chu Wenfei, and he can also pretend to be forced by the way. Of course Chu Wenfei welcomes it.
As a result, the suspiciousness in the hearts of the couple was swept away, and then smiled and said: “Quickly, Mr. Shen, let’s get inside first.”
While talking and laughing, Qiu Muying and his wife introduced Shen Jiuwan into the hall. First URL m.
“This is my mother, this is my dad, and the one above is my grandfather. That’s the old man of the Qiu family.”
After arriving in the hall, Chu Wenfei and his wife introduced like Shen Jiuwan one by one.
Every time someone introduced, Shen Jiuwan stepped forward to shake hands respectfully, with a low gesture.
When other guests on the side saw this, they were shocked and exclaimed.
“The fourth son-in-law of the Qiu family, so much face.”
“At a young age, let the Shen Group personally send someone to congratulate him. In front of him, his attitude is so low?”
“Qiu family, I found a good grandson-in-law~”
Everyone sighed with envy.
And Qiu Muying and Chu Wenfei 6cc0bf3d, feeling the envy and respect of everyone, they are even more energetic and proud.
At this time, Shen Jiuwan stepped forward, in front of everyone, and gave a brand new watch to Chu Wenfei.
“Mr. Chu, you are in a hurry, a little courtesy, please accept it.”
Seeing this watch, many people present had their eyes straight.
“I’ll go, this is a Rolex gold watch.”
“The worst is to start with ten thousand yuan.”
“With the wealth of the Shen family, this watch would cost hundreds of thousands, right?”
“It’s worthy of being a Yunzhou wealthy, so generous!”
Everyone trembled again.
Upon seeing this, Qiu Muying immediately took the watch over, as if she was afraid that Shen Jiuwan would regret it, she took it apart and put it on Chu Wenfei in person.
“Haha, it’s quite appropriate, Mr. Shen thank you.” Qiu Muying thanked.
“Mr. Chu likes it.”
Shen Jiuwan smiled respectfully. After giving the present, Shen Jiuwan turned around to pay a respectful visit to Mr. Qiu out of courtesy.
“Father Qiu, you have a good grandson-in-law.”
“With Mr. Chu here, the Qiu family will be the No. 1 rich man in Jiangdong in the future.”
“Today I will be the first to fight, and in a while, my brother will bring Yunzhou a kind of rich and powerful person to congratulate everyone.”
“Palm Master Shen will also come?”
“At that time, my Qiu family will surely welcome the whole family by sweeping the couch and welcome Patriarch Shen to come.” When he heard Shen Jiuwan’s words, the old man Qiu and others trembled again, and his face smiled even more.
“Old man Qiu is serious, Mr. Chu’s opening ceremony will be celebrated by Wanbang. Compared with the real heroes, our Shen family is just a small role.”
“But before that, I was sinking 90,000 yuan, and I would use this wine to wish Mufan Real Estate a good business!”
“I wish Mufan a prosperous real estate business!”
In the voice of respect and respect, Shen Jiuwan picked up a glass of dirty wine at the table, but drank it all in one go.
However, who could have thought that at the moment when Shen Jiuwan’s words fell, there was a dead silence in the whole house.
The smile on Old Man Qiu’s face instantly stagnated.
Qiu Guang and others were even more old-fashioned.
The look of the guests present also changed.

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