A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 753

Mufan Real Estate?
What the hell?
The words of Shen Jiuwan stunned everyone present.
Especially the guests in the whole hall, subconsciously asked Xiang Qiuguang.
“Ms. Qiu, isn’t it Qiushui Logistics?”
“Have you changed your name?”
“When did you enter real estate?”
“That’s not right, Mu Fan Real Estate, isn’t it the one that went on the news yesterday?”
“Is President Shen confused?”
The guests looked confused, and they obviously couldn’t understand the situation. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Old man Qiu also looked a little ugly, and his original smile disappeared immediately.
Nowadays, the four words Mufan Real Estate, for the Qiu Family, it is undoubtedly a shame, and it is the existence that everyone in the Qiu Family hates and despises.
But now at the ribbon-cutting ceremony of their Qiushui Logistics, Shen Jiuwan is here to congratulate Mufan Real Estate.
What does it mean?
Isn’t this hitting their Qiu family in the face?
“President Shen, did you remember wrong?”
“We are Qiushui Logistics, not Mufan Real Estate.” The old man Qiu said in a deep voice, his tone already a little bit unhappy.
The faces of Qiu Guang and others were also a little blue and ugly, wondering if Shen Jiuwan was old and confused?
Can Qiushui Logistics also be called Mufan Real Estate?
Are the two names similar?
It doesn’t look like a word!
“Grandpa, Mr. Shen must be too excited to see you. He called the wrong name just now.”
“Don’t mind, you have never heard of it. I’ll let President Shen overthrow and repeat it.”
Qiu Muying and Chu Wenfei were also a little embarrassed, and they quickly came out to round the field.
The face of Old Man Qiu looked much better now, and a lot of grievances in his heart disappeared immediately.
“Well, I am not angry.”
“It’s just that today is the ribbon-cutting celebration of our Qiu Shui Logistics. On the day of great joy, Mr. Shen said the name of a bastard company. It is due to the bad image of our Qiu family.
“Well, Mr. Shen, you repeat it, and toast us a glass of wine. I won’t pursue this matter.”
The old man Qiu leans on the old and sells the old, and his posture is very high.
It seems that the respect and respect that Shen Jiuwan gave to their Qiu family just now made the old man Qiu a little swollen, and the tone of his words to Shen Jiuwan was somewhat commanding.
However, listening to the people’s words, Shen Jiuwan was immediately taken aback: “What did you say?”
“This is the ribbon-cutting celebration of Autumn Water Logistics?”
“Isn’t it the opening ceremony of Mufan Real Estate?”
Shen Jiuwan was a little dazed, staring with old eyes, and asked immediately, only thinking that the matter was serious.
“Of course not. How can a garbage company like Mufan Real Estate have the pomp and power of our Qiushui Logistics?”
“Not even qualified to compare with us.” Wang Qiaoyu said proudly.
After Shen Jiuwan heard it, he immediately drank: “Shut up!”
“How noble is Mufan Real Estate? How can you insult such an idiot?”
“Fortunately, the second master is not here, otherwise, your sentence alone will be enough to kill you!”
Shen Jiuwan’s words were too harsh, and Wang Qiaoyu was almost frightened at the time. Her face was as pale as paper, and her body shrank back, as if she was really afraid that Shen Jiuwan would take her life.
“President Shen, what do you mean by this?”
“Are you here today to congratulate Qiu Shui Logistics?” Old man Qiu frowned and asked in confusion.
“Autumn Water Logistics? What is that?”
“I’m here to attend the opening ceremony of Mufan Real Estate today to congratulate Mufan Real Estate.” Shen Jiuwan said in a deep, unceremonious voice.
“Mu Fan Real Estate?”
“Isn’t that the small company opposite?” a guest whispered among the crowd.

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