A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 761

“The third family?”
“Just them?”
“Which family is useless?”
Old man Qiu trembled, his eyes widened at the time, and it was hard for b1a14115 to believe it.
“It must also be an actor~” Wang Qiaoyu and the others were still swearing hard with their faces pale.
At this time, several luxury cars passed by outside the hotel.
A low humming sound came slowly.
Everyone followed the prestige and saw that there were countless figures outside the hotel, and they gathered together and came directly.
Immediately afterwards, the loud voice of the Singer Boy resounded through the sky. First URL m.
“Chairman of Yunzhou Dongshan Industrial, National Day is here!”
“Executive President of Yunzhou Xihai Industry, Chinese citizens are here!”
“Chairman of Yunzhou Nanyuan Group, Dong Guo is here!”
Chinese National Day?
China National Day, which ranks third on the Yunzhou Rich List?
Xihai Industry?
The number one manufacturing state-owned enterprise in Yunzhou?
This this..
Is this all here to congratulate the Qiu family?
“I rely on~”
“What’s the matter with the Qiu family? Isn’t the family going to be a dragon?”
“The rich and powerful men who have provoked so many come to congratulate?”
Outside the hotel, those onlookers who were onlookers listened to the voices one after another, watched the big brothers lead the lady down, heard the name louder than the other, and the road outside. People are almost crazy.
Eyes filled with shock and fright, a pair of eyeballs almost jumped out.
They even think that this is half of Yunzhou’s rich and powerful, right?
“This Qiu family is amazing~”
“It’s amazing~”
“After today, I am afraid that I will completely rank among the top forces in Yunzhou~”
Outside, there is endless emotion and envy.
They never imagined that a little-known little Qiu’s family would be holding a ribbon-cutting ceremony today, which would attract the rich and powerful in Yunzhou.
I’m afraid this is Yunzhou Li Erye’s business opening, but that’s all right?
When all the passers-by outside were trembling, inside the hotel, Qiu Guang, Mr. Qiu and others were already dumbfounded.
“This… these are all here to congratulate them?”
Qiu Guang’s old face was dull, I don’t know why, after the two things just now, Qiu Guang always had a bad premonition in his heart.
But the old man Qiu didn’t think so much. After the tremor, he went crazy afterwards.
“Unexpectedly, one day, Qiu Zhenglun, my Qiu Zhenglun, would also be able to gather Yunzhou dignitaries to congratulate him.”
“Okay, okay~”
“Qiu Guang, Wen Fei, hurry up, whether President Hua and the others flew at you or at Wen Fei, you, welcome them in immediately.”
“Bring them here, I will personally accompany Mr. Hua to drink with them!”
Old man Qiu smiled proudly, how energetic when he said this.
Really like the Supreme Emperor sitting firmly in the middle hall, watching Wanbang come to congratulate.
“Master Qiu, you don’t have to go out to meet him.”
“I came in by myself for China National Day.”
“Congratulations, you are old, your old man has worked hard for the rest of his life, and he failed to make the Qiu family one of the first-class families in Yunzhou.”
“But now, you have a good granddaughter and you have a good grandson-in-law.”
“In the future, your Qiu family will take the light of your granddaughter and son-in-law to rise soaring and become the number one family in Yunzhou!”
When the old man Qiu was excited, the head of Dongshan Industry, the third in the Yunzhou Rich List, had already arrived.
He took his beautiful and flowery wife, with full of respect and respect, strode directly into the Yulong Hotel and walked into the hall.
But when he heard the words of Hua National Day, the guests in the whole room were slightly taken aback.
Especially Qiu Guang and other members of the Qiu family, their hearts trembled.
Good granddaughter?
Good grandson-in-law?

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