A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 764

“It seems that the name is really wrong.” Qiu Guang breathed a sigh of relief.
Fortunately, this is the case, otherwise, their Qiu family is afraid this time they will be ashamed or embarrassed.
“Quickly, Wen Fei, Yingying, people came to you, hurry up and talk to Mr. Hua and the others.”
Wang Qiaoyu quickly urged at this time.
Afterwards, Chu Wenfei and his wife were in front, Qiu Guang and others followed closely, walked over and greeted Hua Guoqing and others.
“Mr. Hua, it doesn’t matter if you make a mistake.”
“do not mind.”
“It’s a big deal to celebrate again.”
“All the bosses came to join me in their busy schedule and congratulate Qiu Shui Logistics. I am already grateful to Chu Wenfei.”
“Come on, bosses, let’s fill up the wine, and congratulate the old man with this wine.”
Chu Wenfei laughed and walked forward and said generously to Hua Guoqing and others. First URL m.
“Congratulations again? Congratulations again for peat!”
However, as soon as Chu Wenfei’s words fell, Hua Guoqing kicked it over, kicking Chu Wenfei directly on the ground, and fell a dog to eat shit.
“Mr. Hua, you are…”
The Hua National Day kick not only stunned Chu Wenfei, but also Qiu Guang, Wang Qiaoyu and other Qiu family members were confused, and their old faces froze in place.
“A bunch of idiots, what is the way to chase?”
“Doesn’t I have any idea about how many jins and how many taels?”
“Aren’t we here to congratulate you?”
“Blindly lead the way!”
“Almost killed by your idiots!”
Hua Guoqing was going crazy at this time.
He was depressed when he called and was scolded by the second master just now.
Now that the idiots of the Qiu family licked their faces and came up again, they couldn’t help their anger without kicking them during the National Day.
After the scolding, Hua National Day naturally couldn’t stay here anymore.
Afterwards, turning to look at Guo Lin, Wang Haisheng and others who were with him, Qing Qing said with shame:
“Sorry everyone.”
“My fault, I took the wrong place.”
“Now, everyone quickly picked up everything and let me go.”
“Go to the opposite side together and congratulate Mufan Real Estate!”
The muffled words of China National Day echoed in the hotel hall.
Later, after understanding the situation, the rich and powerful lords who were originally full of houses undoubtedly turned and left with Hua National Day. Everyone undoubtedly took back the previous gift.
“What is this?”
“Is this family an idiot?”
“Are you a guest in your own house, don’t you feel compelling?”
“Chaotic lead the way!”
“Also Qiushui logistics? I think it is an idiot logistics!”
Congratulations to Mr. Chu, but also went to the wrong door, this incident is always a shame for Hua Guoqing and others.
At this moment, they were all complaining while they were walking.
In this way, Qiu Muying and others saw that the rich and powerful people in Yunzhou, such as Hua Guoqing and Guo Lin, left the Yulong Hotel without looking back, and then walked into the opposite Mufan Real Estate House with respect. in.
The whole house is silent.
At this time, the Qiu family were all there, staring blankly at the scene ahead.
One by one, the old face flushed, only to feel ashamed and intolerable.
It was clear that Qiu Mucheng’s family never appeared in front of them from beginning to end, but the Qiu family only felt that Qiu Mucheng’s fierce slap was instigated on the face.
Qiu Guang’s face was livid, Qiu Muying’s eyes were red, and the old man Qiu stared fiercely.
The guests in the room were silent, and the Qiu family felt disconcerted and could not say a word.
“This is impossible?”
“Never possible!”
“How could you go to worship Mufan Real Estate?”
“She Qiu Mucheng, how can Ho De?”
Qiu Muying’s eyebrows are blood red, her palms are clenched, but she growls unwillingly!

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