A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 766

Prior to this, Qiu Mucheng thought that her opening ceremony would be so miserable and embarrassing that she would become a self-entertainment for their company, without anyone joining in, and completely become a joke in the Yunzhou corporate circle.
But who could have imagined that, during this turn of events, Yunzhou dignitaries suddenly came to congratulate them with great gifts.
For a time, the Mufan Group was in the limelight, and the Qiu Shui Logistics on the opposite side couldn’t raise its head.
All this happened too suddenly.
As a result, Qiu Mucheng hadn’t reacted until now, she was stunned, just feeling that everything was like a dream.
It feels unrealistic.
Even Qiu Mucheng felt this way, let alone Han Li and his wife?
The couple thought that this time they were afraid that they would also be involved by their daughters.
However, the two of them did not expect that this e3ecc1e5 was not only not ashamed, but also a big show.
“Okay!” Remember to read the book for one second
“Mucheng, okay~”
“I didn’t expect my daughter to be so good~”
“The bosses of the big group came to congratulate themselves.”
“Compared with them, what kind of flour mill managers and feed mill owners in the Qiu family were really shit~”
Han Li was so happy at the moment. Everyone said that she was Qiu Mucheng’s mother and the queen mother of Qiu Shui Logistics. There was no embarrassment and anger at all.
When these big figures came to congratulate at first, Han Li thought they had gone the wrong way.
Said that Qiushui Logistics is opposite, they are Mufan Real Estate.
Later, Han Li and the others only determined that these people were indeed here to congratulate Mufan Real Estate.
Han Li and his wife couldn’t believe their ears for a while.
I wonder when my daughter is so awesome?
Have you met so many big people?
But how did Han Li and the others know that Qiu Mucheng was in a daze from beginning to end.
She still hasn’t figured out who these people are from.
But now is not the time for doubts, no matter what the reason, now that the guests are here, it is to give them the face of Mufan’s real estate, and Qiu Mucheng is of course treated with courtesy.
As a result, the employees of Qiushui Real Estate who were still lifeless before, immediately got busy happily, and they served tea and water politely to these big bosses.
Finally, I couldn’t sit down in the hall, and in desperation, a few tables were placed at the door of the company to greet everyone.
Seeing the hustle and bustle of Mufan Real Estate, inside the Yulong Hotel opposite, the Qiu family felt very uncomfortable.
“Are they idiots on this National Day?”
“Where is the master here? He doesn’t say anything but respects him, but instead he goes to cheer for the family?”
“How does this kind of person become the boss?” Wang Qiaoyu was jealous, jealous, and full of resentment.
The old man was even more angry, with a red face: “Huh, a bunch of dogs look at people’s things. It doesn’t matter if you don’t come to congratulate, I have a few of them at the Autumn Festival, and there are not many of them.”
“They don’t come, we have big shots.”
“Wen Fei, when will your guests arrive?”
It should have been their Qiu family’s beautiful moment, but now they have been snatched away by Qiu Mucheng’s family, of course the old man is angry.
Now, he can only put his last sustenance on Chu Wenfei.
I hope that Chu Wenfei can give them a brighter Qiu family.

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