A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 767

After all, in terms of connections, their Qiu family is still inferior to Chu Wenfei.
Chu Wenfei’s family is also considered to have a face in Yunzhou. More importantly, I still know Wu Shi.
Chu Wenfei and the mayor’s son were young.
This relationship alone is enough to kill those cheap merchants during the National Day of China.
Chu Wenfei’s face changed slightly.
Before that, he did tell Wu Yong that he hoped that Wu Yong would come over and cheer him up.
But Wu Yong didn’t say he was dead at the time, only that he would come as far as possible.
Therefore, Chu Wenfei is also not sure whether Wu Yong and they will arrive.
However, when Chu Wenfei hesitated, there was a sound of cars outside the hotel.
Immediately afterwards, the loud voice of the Singer Boy resounded all over the world. First URL m.
“The son of Yunzhou leader Nangonghai, Nangong Ling has arrived!”
“The nephew of Yunzhou leader Wang Donglai, Wang Tian is here!”
“Is it the head of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Nangonghai?”
“his son?”
“There is also Wang Dong!”
“Could it be the Director of the Public Security Bureau, Wang Donglai?”
“I rely on, this is the son of a high official!”
At this time, after hearing these names coming from outside, the hall was filled with guests again.
However, this is only the beginning.
In the end, as a handsome man walked out of the car, the voice of the sang-nam boy resounded everywhere again!
“Son of Wu Weitao, Wu uses it!”
This this..! !
Wu…Wu Weitao? Kure’s son?
The prince of Yunzhou? ! !
God, the secretary’s son is here?
There were no extra titles, Wu Yong just reported his father’s name.
However, this is enough.
In the entire Yunzhou city, no one knows the name of Wu Weitao.
This person is the helm of Yunzhou City, the chief designer of urban construction, and the leader of the entire Yunzhou City!
The name of Wu Weitao has long been on the news network and spread throughout the streets and alleys of Yunzhou City.
Therefore, after hearing that Wu Weitao’s son was coming, not only the people in the Qiu family, but the guests in the whole house, and even the passersby around, were all shocked.
“Lively, lively.”
“The real estate dispute between Qiushui Logistics and Mufan is really lively.”
“Even the sons of government leaders are here.”
“The movement is getting bigger and bigger~”
The world that had just calmed down for a while, after Wu Yong and others arrived, undoubtedly became noisy again.
The passers-by outside were talking about it.
Many people shouted in surprise.
I just feel that today’s good show is getting more and more exciting.
Perhaps the younger generations like Wu Yong and Wang Tian are not well-known. But the people behind them are too famous.
Now these people come to join in, in the eyes of everyone, they are here on behalf of their father.
The prince’s visit, and the emperor’s arrival, how different is it?
Therefore, after seeing the arrival of these leaders’ nephews, the Yulong Hotel immediately exploded.
Many people were full of trepidation and excitedly asked Father Xiangqiu: “Master, are these people you invited?”
Old man Qiu laughed, “What’s the difference between the one my grandson-in-law invited and the one I invited?”
“Wen Fei, our Qiu family’s distinguished guest has arrived, why don’t you come to meet him?”
“These are the real dignitaries!”
“As for the generations of Shen Jiuwan and Hua National Day, they are just a small merchant. In ancient times, they couldn’t make it to the table.”
Old man Qiu smiled proudly.
The previous dullness and gloom are undoubtedly swept away at this moment.

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