A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 776

“It turned out to be for Young Master Wu.”
“Yes, the person present is also the son of Wu City, Wu Yong. That’s the face.”
For a while, everyone present sighed, and the original doubts were immediately solved.
Chu Wenfei also laughed and said, “Wu Yong, that’s okay. The daughter of King Jiangdong made you soak.”
“It is said that King Jiangdong only has this daughter.”
“If you marry her, in the future, the century-old legacy of the Jiang Hai Chen family will probably fall into your hands.”
“Haha, Wu Yong, congratulations.”
Chu Wenfei smiled and congratulated Wu Yong.
The old man Qiu, who was sitting high, was undoubtedly smiling at this time.
“It turned out to be the son of Wu Shi family.”
“Peaches and plums don’t say anything, the next step is self-conscious. Young Master Wu has both good looks and good looks, so naturally all the Jiangdong powerful children come to worship.” First website m.
“Our Qiu family has been exposed to Master Wu.”
“This glass of wine, old man, I respect Master Wu, and I wish Master Wu and Miss Chen in advance that they will get married, and they will eventually become family members!”
In the hall, there were bursts of lively and festive laughter.
Later, the old man Qiu urged: “Qiu Guang, Qiu Luo, and Wen Fei, you go quickly, and Master Wu, go out to meet those distinguished guests from afar!”
“No matter who it is for, now that it is here, it will be the guest of my Qiu family.”
“Hurry up, please come in, and help Miss Chen and the others!”
Until now, the old man still sits firmly on the middle army tent, sits high, and gives orders.
What pride and beauty are in the old man’s words.
He also didn’t expect that a small celebration originally intended to suppress the Qiu Mucheng’s family would turn out to be so loud in the end.
Not only Wu Yong and Wang Tian, ​​the powerful and powerful sons, came to congratulate, and even the people from Jianghai and Jingzhou also came not far away.
Although these people didn’t come for his Qiu Zhenglun’s face, no matter who they came, they came to congratulate the Qiu family.
As the Patriarch of the Qiu Family, Qiu Zhenglun feels that he is in the limelight today, and he is afraid that he is going to be a big hit!
For so many years, Father Qiu has never been as happy as he is now.
The hearty laughter came out of the hotel lobby, which could almost be heard across the street.
Wu Yong, Chu Wenfei, and Qiu Guang all walked out of the hotel and greeted them outside.
At this time, people gathered outside the hotel.
Except for some passersby onlookers, Mu Fan Real Estate and Qiu’s family were all there.
“Step aside!”
“Leave me all the way.”
“Things that don’t have eyes, do you dare to block the way of Wu Shi son?”
“The whole family is useless, no wink!”
Surrounded by Wang Tian, ​​Chu Wenfei and others, Wu Yong had already left the hotel.
Seeing that Qiu Mucheng’s family was actually in front of them, Chu Wenfei, Qiu Guang and the others were immediately annoyed, and they went forward and rudely pushed Han Li, Qiu Mucheng and others aside.
In this way, everyone in the Qiu family followed Wu Yong, and then enthusiastically greeted Chen Nan and Lei Aoting in front of them.
“Miss Chen, I’m very happy that you can come today.”
“Why don’t you say hello to me before you come?”
“I also prepared early.”
“And Master Lei, Master Wang, you are not far away, come here to cheer for my Wu Yong. I thank you Wu Yong for this.”
“Now, everyone, young and old, follow me to the hotel in front of you for a dinner.”
Wu Yong laughed and went forward to hold Chen Nan’s Qianqianyu hand.
Wu Yong at this time can be described as the wind b0543f47 is infinite, attracting the attention of everyone.

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