A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 775

As the saying goes, no matter how big the temple is, the big Buddha is invited.
Elder Qiu and others are undoubtedly self-knowing.
Knowing that the small temple of their Qiu family can invite people like Wu Yong and Wang Tian to congratulate them, it is already the limit.
Now half of Jiangdong’s powerful sons are all coming to congratulate, and their Qiu family undoubtedly can’t afford it.
This is why Qiu Guang is so panicked.
When asked to Chu Wenfei, he was trembling even when he spoke.
“I… I didn’t… I didn’t invite you.”
Chu Wenfei was obviously terrified.
When Shen Jiuwan, Li Xueqi and others came before, he bit the bullet and dared to meet them.
But now, the prince of Lei’s family in Jingzhou, the daughter of Jiang Hai Chen Ao.
The representatives behind this are all big figures, and their fathers are well-known powerful men throughout Jiangdong Province. Remember to read in one second
This class of people just lent Chu Wenfei ten courage, he didn’t dare to say that he came to cheer for himself, let alone go out to greet him.
Not only Chu Wenfei, but when he heard the names of Lei Wuye, Chen Ao and others, even Wang Tian and Nangong Ling who had the background of official powers changed their expressions.
Of these people present, the only ones who can still sit still are Wu Weitao’s son, Wu Yong, right?
“They can come to congratulate, your Qiu family is undoubtedly more beautiful?”
“Isn’t this something that should be happy?”
“Why is this so humiliated, and the sky is falling down?”
At this moment, in the hall, Wu Yong was sitting there, sipping the strong tea, but he looked calm and smiled.
Seeing Wu Yong’s calm and calm appearance, the eyes of Old Man Qiu and others suddenly forgot to pass.
Chu Wenfei was even more surprised: “Wu Yong, are these people you invited?”
Wu Yong shook his head and smiled: “Please, it shouldn’t be counted. However, I have a relationship with Jiang Hai Chen’s daughter. I also invited Miss Chen to visit Yunzhou a few days ago.”
“Unexpectedly, this Miss Chen arrived today.”
“I’m going, Angkor, you are amazing!” When Wu used these words, Wang Tian and Nangong Ling were shocked at once.
“Yes, Angkor, worthy of being the son of Wu City.”
“Sister paper said to hang up and hang up.”
“It’s only been a few days, and I’ve been fighting with the daughter of Jiang Hai Chen’s family so fiercely. Now it’s not far away, have you all come to Yunzhou to find Angkor?”
“It seems that it will not take long to drink Angkor’s wedding wine.”
Unexpectedly, Nangong Ling and Wang Tian laughed and flattered, but they were particularly envy and jealous in their hearts.
The three of them had the best relationship, and it was no secret to Wang Tian and Nangong Ling that Wu Yong was interested in the daughter of the Chen family.
Since Wu Yong attended a wine bureau with his father last year and saw Chen Nan at that wine bureau for the first time, Wu Yong was taken away by this beautiful and beautiful girl.
Since then, Wu Yong has always claimed that in his life, if Chen Nan would not marry, he would do everything possible to get Chen Ao’s daughter.
But neither Wang Tian nor Nangong Ling cared. After all, that was Chen Ao’s daughter. Even if Wu Yong’s status was good, it would not be easy to get into Jiangdong King’s daughter.
But I didn’t expect that this was only a year, and the relationship between Wu Yong and Chen Nan had grown by leaps and bounds.
Now that the daughter of the Chen family is not far away, she has come to Yunzhou to give her a hug.
Seeing that Wu Yong is about to embrace the beauty, it is strange that the buddies like Wang Tian and Nangong Ling don’t envy, jealous and hate.
However, most of the panic in the hearts of those present heard this.

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