A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 782

But now, all the limelight was undoubtedly taken away by Qiu Mucheng and Ye Fan’s couple.
For a while, the Qiu family felt depressed in the hotel hall.
Where is the slightest arrogance and wanton before, that dejected look, like a frosted eggplant.
They wanted to take this celebration and slap Qiu Mucheng in the face fiercely.
But who would have thought that it would end like this in the end?
“Do not!”
“I haven’t lost yet.”
“We still have a chance to comeback.”
However, at this moment, Qiu Muyingsen’s voice of resentment came from the hall.
I saw Qiu Muying clenching her palms tightly, and her fingertips fell deeply into the flesh and blood because of her force.
“Huh?” The first URL m.
“Yingying, what do you say?”
In an instant, the eyes of everyone present fell on Qiu Muying’s body.
Qiu Guang and others asked even more puzzled.
“Uncle, grandpa, don’t worry.”
“Although I don’t know what method Qiu Mucheng used to get so many people to come to congratulate.”
“But today, I will surely let Qiu Mucheng face scandal!”
“It’s just that you may need help from Angkor and others.”
Qiu Muying’s words were cold.
As he spoke, the sorrowful gaze had already fallen on Wu Yong.
Wu Yong did not hesitate at all, and immediately nodded: “You just tell me how you want me to help.”
“It just so happens, I also want to teach them a profound lesson!”
Wu Yong said coldly, and those handsome faces were undoubtedly full of anger and hatred.
Today, Ye Fan not only defiled the girl he likes, but also made him ugly.
Born in a rich family, Wu Yong wears a halo since he was a child, and wherever he went, it was Zhongxing Pengyue.
It can be said that he has never suffered such humiliation in his life.
But today, in front of everyone, the girl he likes pushed him away and got into the arms of others.
Such behavior, for Wu Yong, is undoubtedly like being severely slapped in the face by Ye Fan.
How can Wu Yong, who has always been arrogant, give up?
But, no one knows what plans Qiu Muying and the others will make in order to deal with Mufan’s real estate?
the other side.
There is no doubt that Mu Fan’s house is full of people.
Previously, Qiu Mucheng thought that there would not be many people at the opening ceremony, so only three tables were set for a banquet.
But who could have imagined that so many people had come here inexplicably, even people from Jiang Hai and Jingzhou came to congratulate them.
In this haste, Mu Fan Real Estate naturally didn’t have much preparation, and finally had to put a few more tables outside the gate.
“Master Lei, Master Wang, you have come all the way, it’s been hard work.”
“We are prepared to rush and entertain poorly, please bear with me.”
At this time Han Li and his wife were undoubtedly crazy.
They didn’t expect that their husband and wife would be killed, that even the dignitaries of Jiang Hai and Jingzhou would come.
Especially for Lei’s family in Jingzhou. Although Han Li is far away in Yunzhou, she is still like thunder.
Han Li didn’t even dare to dream before, they would actually sit at a table with the prince of Lei’s family for dinner.
Of course, Han Li and his wife were also curious about why Lei Aoting and the others came, but they didn’t think much about it. They just thought that Lei Aoting and others came for their daughter’s talents and appearance.
You know, before her family’s Mucheng married Ye Fan, many rich young masters stepped through the threshold to propose marriage.
Therefore, Han Li and his wife also wishfully believed that Lei Aoting and Wang Yuchen were either looking at Qiu Mucheng’s talents or looking at Qiu Mucheng’s beauty.

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