A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 783

After all, apart from that, Han Li and his wife really couldn’t think of other reasons.
Could it be because of their husband and wife?
how is this possible?
Their husbands and wives are a waste, and they have no abilities at all, how could they be directed at them.
Han Li still has this self-knowledge.
As for Ye Fan?
Give me a break.
He is a rural turtle and a door-to-door son-in-law, and he will come to him when he is blind.
Congratulations to Ye Fan outside, it is probably also the light of his daughter.
Therefore, under this consideration, Han Li and his wife are undoubtedly more enthusiastic and active.
Are they worried about not having a rich second generation to pick up their daughter’s offer? Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Now, all this is up.
Of course Han Li is happy.
The last time Sun Yuhao escaped from the battlefield, he suddenly regretted it, making Han Li and his wife feel lost, thinking that they had missed a golden turtle.
Now it seems that if you have lost your horse, you know nothing.
Fortunately, Sun Yuhao ran away that day, otherwise their family wouldn’t be able to be a real rich man like Lei Dashao.
When they Qiu Mucheng married into Lei’s family, Han Li had to send a wedding invitation to Sun Yuhao too, to slap the bastard’s face!
You look down on my Mucheng, some people look down on them, but they are more powerful than you.
“Come on, Master Lei, have tea.”
“This tea is specially made for you by my Mucheng.”
“A good tip, how many thousand jin?”
After being seated, Han Li sat down specially leaning on Lei Aoting, serving tea and pouring water, which was extremely enthusiastic.
As for Qiu Mucheng and Ye Fan, they were sitting aside, drinking tea and watching.
“Auntie, isn’t this bad?”
“The tea made by Mr. Qiu himself, how am I qualified to drink it?”
Lei Aoting was a little apprehensive, not knowing why, Han Li’s enthusiasm made him very uncomfortable.
That kind of feeling, as if he had robbed Mr. Chu and his wife of the limelight and turned away from the guest.
“Why not qualified?”
“It’s a great honor for Mucheng and I to be able to join in.”
“Don’t talk about making a cup of tea, even if Mucheng toasts you, it should be.” Han Li laughed, and forced Lei Aoting to drink the cup of tea.
After drinking, Han Li asked expectantly: “How’s it going? Is my daughter’s tea art okay?”
Dare Lei Aoting say it’s not good, naturally he nodded and praised: “Mr. Qiu is really clever.”
“Haha, that’s good.” Han Li nodded contentedly, and then continued, “Master Lei, let’s drink this tea too. Auntie asks you a few words, you have to answer truthfully.”
“Huh?” Lei Aoting was a little impatient at the time, thinking that Mr. Chu’s mother-in-law was so much bullshit. Since sitting down, he kept chatting with him, giving Lei Aoting a chance to talk to Mr. Chu. nothing.
However, after all it is Mr. Chu’s mother-in-law, Lei Aoting did not dare to neglect, bit the bullet, and laughed again and again: “Auntie, you have something to say, just say it.”
“Okay, I can ask. Master Lei, what do you think of my Mucheng?”
“It goes without saying, the talent is stunning, the moon is shameless. Autumn is always the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in Lei Aoting’s life.” Hearing Han Li’s question, Lei Aoting didn’t even think about it. Speak up.
Just kidding, Mr. Chu is watching here, dare Lei Aoting say it’s not pretty?
What’s more, Lei Aoting felt that he was telling the truth.
Mr. Chu’s wife is a rare beauty.
It is estimated that only these stunning women can hold the true dragon of Mr. Chu, right?

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