A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 790

Wang Lin’s face was pale and fearful, and he persuaded Wu Yong in a low voice.
After all, this matter was originally due to them. If the other party has no background, they will be arrested. It will be released after a few days. But now, the three major families are all giving the Mufan real estate platform. What is the pressure? How big?
Wang Lin was already panicking and began to retreat.
He was afraid that things would go wrong.
Wu Yong ignored Wang Lin’s dissuasion, but his face was still dark and gloomy. He looked at Lei Aoting with gloomy eyes. After a long time, Wu Yong smiled, instead turning his head to look at the silent Qiu Mucheng.
“Ms. Qiu, your face is really great?”
“In order to fish you, the eldest princess of the Li family, the eldest son of the Wang family, and the prince of the Lei family have all come forward?”
“In a while, the daughter of Jiang Hai Chen’s family-Miss Chen, will also come out to stand for you?”
Wu Yong shook his head and smiled, but there was a deep chill in the cold laughter.
At the end of the laugh, Wu Yong slapped the table. He only heard a bang, shaking over countless teas. At the same time, Wu Yong’s face was suddenly cold, and he uttered angrily and exploded immediately! Remember to read in one second
“However, even if this is the case, if you want me to bow your head, you add up, it’s not enough!”
“I must take away this person today. Even if the king of heaven, Lao Tzu, comes to rescue him, he won’t be able to take it away.
“Take it all to me!”
Anger was surging, Wu Yong’s sound echoed in the entire company hall.
Then, Wang Lin’s subordinates, without hesitation, stepped forward and handcuffed Qiu Mucheng. At the same time, all the executives of Mufan Real Estate were arrested.
“Let go of me~”
“How dare you arrest people~”
For a time, the whole house was in an uproar.
The entire Mufan property has been in chaos.
Some wailed, some panicked, and some even jumped out of the window to run.
Han Li and his wife were even more scared to hide in the corner and dare not come out.
But more, the passersby were still onlookers, sighing.
Qiu Muying and the others in the Qiu family were even more gloating. Looking at Mufan’s real estate, which was still a lively and prosperous scene a few minutes ago, it had already been beaten up at this time. All the splendor fell apart in an instant, and their hearts were so happy.
I just feel proud!
All the depression just now was wiped out!
“Sister, how is it?”
“This is the end of the fight with me, the fight with our Qiu family!”
“Perhaps, you will win a short-term victory, but the one who laughs last is our Qiu family and I, Qiu Muying!”
“After you leave, our Qiushui Logistics will continue to celebrate the festival. And your Mufan Real Estate will be infamous and defeated!” Looking at Qiu Mucheng, who was already in prison, Qiu Muying smiled wantonly.
“Yingying is right.”
“Let the Lei family and the Wang family come to congratulate you, how beautiful you were just now? You robbed us of the limelight of our Qiu family.”
“But is there a fart?”
“Isn’t it all just passing by?”
“Qiu Mucheng, second aunt sends you a word.”
“Seeing you rising from a tall building, seeing you feasting guests, seeing you… the building collapsed~”
At the door of the company, everyone in the Qiu family fell into the rock, and the wanton laughter was like a knife, deeply piercing Qiu Mucheng’s heart.
How arrogant and proud is that gloating appearance?

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