A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 789

Wu Yong’s eyes were full of pride, and his expression was violent, and he shouted coldly at Li Xueqi.
What a arrogant and domineering tone of voice.
An arrogant and majestic face surging out of the entire hall.
In a few words, Li Xueqi’s face was pale and panic, and her delicate body was trembling with anger.
Qiu Muying, Wang Qiaoyu and the rest of the Qiu family looked at the scene in front of them, and they were even more proud and full of gloat.
“Qiu Mucheng, Qiu Mucheng, even if the eldest princess of the Li family comes forward, she won’t be able to protect you today.”
“Wait to make a fool of you~”
Qiu Muying and others sneered in their hearts.
“What about adding me 7f392307?”
However, just when Li Xueqi was full of anger, a cold and majestic voice quietly came from the crowd.
I saw a handsome man walking out. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
With no expression on his face, he asked Wu in a deep voice.
This person is impressively, Wang Yuchen, the elder of the Wang family in Haozhou!
Seeing this person, Wu suddenly frowned, and a solemn look appeared on his handsome face.
Obviously, in the face of Wang Yuchen, Wu Yong’s heart is undoubtedly a little more jealous.
After all, Wang Yuchen is no better than Li Xueqi, this one, but the real eldest son of the Wang family in Haozhou, and the legal heir to the Wang family’s property in the future.
“Brother Yuchen, do you even want to end?”
“Just for a useless woman?”
“Because of a small, Mu Fan real estate?”
Wang Yuchen’s face was condensed, but he asked Wang Yuchen coldly.
Wang Yuchen laughed, “Master Wu, I advise you, when you are alive, don’t underestimate anyone or anything.”
“It’s like an iceberg exposing the sea level in the Antarctic waters. What you see may be only a hundred meters, but you can know that those exposed are just the tip of the iceberg!”
“So, Master Wu, if you don’t want to regret in the future, let him go.”
Listening to Wang Yuchen’s words, Wu Yong suddenly sneered: “Wang Yuchen, Wu Yong still can’t use you to teach me great principles.”
“As for you, I admit that your Wang family’s rich family is powerful and powerful in Jiangdong, and even more so in Haozhou.”
“But unfortunately, this is Yunzhou, not Haozhou!”
“Even if you have a great background and supreme power, you are still in Haozhou.”
“Now in my land of Yunzhou, just relying on you, want me to use the negative hand, bow my head and let others go?”
“Sorry, you are not enough!!”
“What about me?!” However, at the moment when Wu Yong’s words fell, there was another voice in the company hall quietly.
I saw Lei Aoting put down the tea cup, got up and walked out slowly from the wine table.
Standing with his hands behind him, his cold eyes were like swords, looking directly at Wu Yong, but he was fearless.
“This…this is…”
“Prince Lei Family of Jingzhou, Lei Aoting!”
The moment Lei Aoting walked out, the crowd at the scene exploded.
Lei’s? Prince?
“Who are these people in there?”
Hearing the noise from the crowd, Wang Lin himself was almost scared to pee.
I thought that he was only here to deal with a small broken company that had just opened, a wimpy woman.
But now Wang Lin knows what soft persimmon he just pinched, but a hornet’s nest.
The eldest princess of the Li family, the broad young master of the Wang family, now even the prince of the Lei family of Jingzhou has appeared?
These few people, whoever brought them out, were all existences that Wang Lin could not afford to provoke.
Thinking of this, Wang Lin glanced at Qiu Mucheng again.
He had to be frightened, what is the background of this Qiu Mucheng, this Mufan property?
An opening ceremony attracted all the three famous families in Jiangdong to congratulate Wu Yong. Now, it is for her to offend Wu Yong.
However, this is not the time to think about this. Seeing that things get bigger and bigger, it is already out of control. With a guilty conscience, Wang Lin quickly pulled La Wuyong.
“Master, I think today, forget it?”
“That’s the Lei family in Jingzhou, the second most prominent family in Jiangdong. Even if your father is here, you dare not offend this kind of power?”
“What’s more, the Li family and the Wang family have also come forward.”
“Just give them face, right?”

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