A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 792

Qiu Muying and Wang Qiaoyu’s mother and daughter were dumbfounded, and they almost cried with their faces aggrieved.
The Qiu Muying mothers really couldn’t figure it out. How could they be beaten instead for defending Wu Yong?
“What are you doing?”
“Go Nima!”
“Two shameless ladies~”
At that time, Wu Yong couldn’t wait to kick these two things that were less successful than failed.
Then, with full of trepidation, he hurried out to meet him.
“Dad, you… why are you here too?” Wu Yong smiled with a guilty heart, and said in a low voice respectfully, but his forehead was already covered with cold sweat.
But after hearing Wu Yongzhi’s words, the full house of 2d40b4a8 people was stagnant. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Qiu Muying’s mother and daughter were also shocked.
What is going on here?
Could it be…
Just when a terrible thought began to emerge in everyone’s hearts, behind him, the loud voice of the singer boy, and in an instant, resounded through the sky.
“Yunzhou Municipal Party Committee Leader, Dong Peiming is here!”
“Yunzhou Municipal Party Committee Leader, Wang Dong is here!”
“Leader of Yunzhou Municipal Party Committee, Han Donghai is here!”
“Yunzhou Municipal Party Committee…Secretary, Wu Weitao is here!”
Like a series of thunders, in this world, there are continuous explosions.
Almost instantly, the audience was shocked.
Here the world is silent!
Everyone was struck in place by thunder.
Qiu Muying’s eyes widened!
Wang Qiaoyu gasped!
Qiuguang’s expression trembled!
As for Jiang Hong, she was so scared that she squatted directly on the ground.
Book…Secretary, are you here?
What is going on today?
Many people have been completely frightened, and the tremor is beyond repetitive. The Qiu family almost set off a terrible storm in their hearts.
At the time when the Mufan real estate was full of tremors, in the Yulong Hotel opposite, he obviously heard the arrival of Wu Weitao and others.
When the names of Wang Donglai, Wu Weitao and others sounded, in the Yulong Hotel, it was undoubtedly like a boulder falling into the sea, setting off a thousand waves.
In a moment, the whole hall was full of guests, and their bodies trembled.
Then, these people who came to congratulate Qiu Shui Logistics couldn’t sit still anymore, and got up one after another, rushing toward the outside in a hurry.
Even the boss of the Yulong Hotel turned around and ran downstairs, shouting excitedly while running.
“Old Qiu, amazing, amazing!”
“For a celebration in your Qiu family, not only Master Wu came to congratulate him, but now even Wu Shi himself has come in person.”
“This movement has gone big, it has gone big~”
“In the future of your Qiu family, this is going to be against the sky.”
“No, I have to go out to meet him as soon as possible.” Yulong Hotel boss said excitedly, and then rushed out of the hotel.
Elder Qiu was undoubtedly unable to sit still.
Before the Lei family came from the Chen family, he did not go out.
Just because Lei Aoting are all juniors.
Even if the background is extraordinary, a group of melon wives is undoubtedly not qualified to let an old man of his age to meet him personally.
But now, Wu Weitao is here.
In front of Wu Shi, Father Qiu undoubtedly didn’t dare to put on airs anymore, and quickly got up.
“Help me out quickly.”
“Everyone, follow me out to welcome Wu Shi.”
Old man Qiu laughed, his old face almost bloomed with excitement.
These people obviously don’t know the situation outside.
I only think that this Wu Weitao is the same as his son’s intention, but also for their Qiu family, congratulations!
The lord of the city has come, and their Qiu family is undoubtedly pretending to be broken.
Guangzong Yaozu, this is the time!
Father Qiu, how can you not be excited?

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