A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 793

At this time, the full room of guests in Yulong Hotel, after hearing Wu Weitao and others arrived, swarmed out and greeted Wu Weitao one after another.
The look of Wu Weitao, Wang Donglai and others with low eyebrows, nodding and bowing, was extremely respectful.
These corporate bosses, who usually dominate and flaunt their power, are undoubtedly low in front of Wu Weitao.
Seeing such a scene, the onlookers around were envy and emotion.
What is power?
This is power!
There is no need to say a word or do a thing at all. Just hearing their names attracts a crowd of guests and rushes. All the wealthy people in the courtyard come to worship.
There is no complaint. To Wu Weitao, this man in the courtyard, he is undoubtedly heartfelt awe and admiration!
In Yunzhou, in addition to Li Erye of the Li family, who else can dare to ask the whole city with such prestige and influence? !
“My husband, be it the same!”
Among the crowd, there was a young man with a torch. It was at this time that I set my ambitions. Remember to read in one second
And when the guests of the Qiu family ran out to greet Wu Weitao, in the hotel, with the support of the Qiu family, Mr. Qiu undoubtedly walked out with a smile on his face and the scenery was boundless.
“Get out, get out of everything!”
“The Qiu family arrives, so let me go~”
“It’s delayed the old man to meet Wu Shi, can you bear it?”
At this moment, Qiu Guang’s daughter-in-law was supporting Old Man Qiu while cursing the guests who were in the way in front of her, all her brains pushed aside.
Soon, Mr. Qiu was escorted by the Qiu family to Wu Weitao and the others.
“Unexpectedly, my Qiu Shui logistics ribbon-cutting celebration can also let Wu Shi come to the scene to congratulate my Qiu family.”
“I Qiu Zhenglun, it is a great honor.”
“Quickly, Wu Shi, don’t stand here.”
“Hurry and follow me to the hotel. Our Qiu family must give Wu City a toast.”
“Thanks to Wu Shi for coming.”
“Before this, let’s take a picture first, right?”
While laughing, Qiu Zhenglun stepped forward to pull Wu Weitao’s arm, and at the same time asked Qiu Guang and the others to quickly take pictures of them, and then wash out the pictures and hang them in the old house of the Qiu family. It is so beautiful.
At this time, the old man Qiu noticed that Wu Weitao was still carrying a gift, and the old man immediately became happier.
“Ku City is so polite.”
“It is a great honour for our Qiu family to be able to come, even bringing gifts?”
“But since Wu Shi has shown his heart, I also accepted the old man.”
Old man Qiu smiled triumphantly. Wu Weitao hadn’t said to send it off yet, but he had already reached out to ask for it.
“What do you want to do?”
“Where is the bad old man? Do you dare to grab things from Wu City?”
Wu Weitao didn’t speak, but the assistant on the side suddenly yelled in anger when he saw it, and pushed Mr. Qiu to the side.
If it hadn’t been for Qiu Guang and others to hold him back, I guess Mr. Qiu would be pushed to the ground and unable to get up.
Father Qiu was dumbfounded in an instant.
Assistant Wu Weitao’s push was like a slap on the face of Mr. Qiu.
At that time, the old man’s old face turned red into pig’s feet, and he looked at Wu Weitao with a doubtful face: “Wu Shi, what do you mean?”
However, no one cares about the words of this old thing.
After the assistant pushed Mr. Qiu away, Wu Weitao looked cold and stern, and walked up the steps toward the hall of Mufan Real Estate in front of him!
“Dad, I was wrong, don’t you…”
Seeing his father walking forward, Wu Yong thought that his father was here to teach him the wrongdoing, so he was naturally frightened and panicked and bowed his head to apologize repeatedly.
However, the next moment, something unexpected happened to everyone 77de054a.

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